The war was over. Garrosh and his minions had been defeated many weeks ago now. In the quiet times between Orgrimmar and the new horde attacking the blasted lands, Morwel Starseeker stayed ever vigilant at the Ebon Hold. For days on end she would watch and listen on the viewing bridge of Archerus scanning every detail, checking every sound for a chance to continue her mission. Kill the enemies of the Alliance.

At the fall of Garrosh, when the king gave his ultimatum to the warchief, she was ordered to stand down. Upon leaving, one solider growled under his breath,”Guess we aren’t needed.” This one sentence somehow wormed its way into the Deathknights mind. Am I not needed? Doubt stabbed at her cold heart. Without enemies she would serve no purpose. “How can I fulfill my orders without an enemy to fight?”, she pondered.

Feeling emotion was still a challenge for Morwel. Her trials in Silithus brought back some part of what she was in life, but it also reminded her of what she was. Expendable. One soul is nothing in an army, but every soul must do everything they can or risk harm or death to those around them. The lives of her allies did not concern her, only her orders. But something lingered.

“Am I doing enough? What is the worth of a machine with no purpose?” As she questioned herself, the horns of the Ebon Hold bellowed. Highlord Morigrane gathered the Knights of the Ebon blade and announced that a new enemy had appeared in the Blasted Lands. They are orcs of brown skin and strange machines and they have claimed Nethergarde and Dreadmaul. Morwel could feel herself shake with anticipation. The Highlord gazed at his Knights and with a grim poise spoke,”You have your orders, Kill the enemies of your Lord.”

Morwel sprang into action the same day. By nightfall, her blade had claimed ten orcs of the “Iron” horde. Her purpose… was renewed.

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