This letter arrives by courier, alongside the war and situation dispatches from the 7th Legion and Alliance activities on Kul Tiras:

To Justicar Dawnfield, Greetings :

I have had the distinctly mixed pleasure of meeting several of your Templars in the field.  Most are courteous and professional, and both as per orders and personal bent, we have cooperated with them fully in their operations, and seen them work closely with us in our endeavors in the field.  Generally, I have nothing but praise to offer, and, as is usual in those circumstances, I have not written to offer them.  It is an unfortunate lapse and one that likely is exacerbated by the vagaries of battle.

Regardless, it is imperative that I inform you of recent events in the field.   One of your operatives – one Caelryn Graveness – assisted valiantly in the defense of refugees escaping the embattled northern sections of the township of Brennadam, in Stormsong Valley.  Horde attackers have assaulted the city nonstop since their initial surprise attack, we believe in an effort to gain a significant foothold in the fertile valleys north of Boralus.  With the Kul Tiran fleet currently missing and the 7th Legion stretched thin, there has been no way to remove the horde beachhead in the north, and troops continue to funnel into the city.

Doubtless, you know our current situation – but it is in this context that I write to you. 

Miss Graveless bravely and heroically defended and enabled the escape of over twenty survivors from the initial assault, and has been personally responsible for a number of heroic combat actions over the last seventy-two hours.  As part of this activity, Miss Graveless managed to subdue and capture a  Tauren Sunwalker who was leading part of the assault force – a rare and incredibly noteworthy feat.  

During processing of the prisoner, Miss Graveless insisted on retaining custody and, in her words “tending to her wounds.”  Despite repeated warnings from both myself, my sergeants, and a local SI:7 representative, Miss Graveless removed the prisoner from monitored camp grounds.  This valuable asset then escaped, sundering her manacles, causing significant harm to Miss Graveless, and vanishing into Horde-occupied territory with full knowledge of our camp’s defenses, layout, and capabilities.  

I have spoken – at length – to Miss Graveless about the ramifications of her actions, but both out of respect to her contributions to the war effort here, and my limited influence (given that I am not her commanding officer), I remand the details of this event to you, in the hopes that this young worgen can come to understand the overarching consequences of her inattention and carelessness.  Thanks to her, a dangerous and capable enemy combatant has returned to the field with actionable intelligence, and the lives of our soldiers have been placed at considerable additional risk.

I trust that you will take appropriate action – she is a fine soldier, but you know as well as I that these events demonstrate irresponsibility at best, and criminal negligence at worst.   

I do look forward with working again with Templars in the field – yes, even Miss Graveless.  

Lieutenant Franz Hallowell, 7th Legion Command, Brennadam.

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