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The letter arrived at the Heart of Azeroth, the Earthen Ring’s base. Singed on one corner it finally made its way into Mosur’s hands interrupting his current work. Though many of the shaman that had joined the Earthen Ring were talented with the elements they had few that were skilled jewelcrafters and so it was just another service he was able to offer. It was this particular focusing crystal that was giving him issues, the quality of the materials perhaps, he hadn’t put his finger quite on it but as he attempted to cut the gem portions of it splintered beneath his tools. This made the interrupting all the more welcome.

Mosur scanned the letter several times over. The mix of languages in the Maelstrome and the habit not of simply speaking Kalimag had not improved his grasp on Common. He felt a hollow in his stomach and a tingle run up his neck and the most recent memories returned, mostly it was guilt for what had occurred and how things had been left and though Mosur had comments and opinions on all of it. How things had ended, the was the Scout must have felt, or at least the way he’d heard he had- but it wasn’t his place to offer advice without it being asked, however, Saashenka told him that was just his own  way as a private man to assume such things.

Despite the declaration he owed the fellow man nothing he felt he did; besides Pandaria might be nice to visit a portion of again.


I will make my way to Vale Shrine at my earliest convenience. Leave word when I can hear from you if you will not be there.



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