Where the waters fall and tides surge

Where darkness breeds in deep bound wave

Where starlight dies and moon lies cold

Whispers are there, songs of void

There was no fear when the beast dropped her in the water, even fully clothed, the robes dragging her down. There was some sorrow for the creature, though. The kraken was one of the Tide mother’s graces, a sign of the sea’s mighty will, and it was hardly it’s fault the Naga had enchanted it. Poor thing. It must still be quite young to succumb in such a way…

Deep and dark and cold. Bliss.

For a moment the memories returned. Dryness and hunger and the terrible, terrible feeling of isolation. So far below, so alone, she began to panic. She couldn’t breathe. It was so quiet. This close to the pit of Nazjatar was too much. She was in the cell again. She couldn’t hear the soft voice of the Tidemother, and what whispers there did remain were awful.

You spilt blood. You are unworthy. You raised your hand against your own brothers and sisters. You felt the darkness and said nothing. A smirk. You touched the void and let the blood flow. You are nothing.

She sank deeper. Wept. Succumbed to the currents, letting her will go. Tidemother forgive me. Forgive us. We have lost you.

Whispers again. There was no grace, and no compassion. The Sea was great and dark and cold and she was open to it. At its mercy. And it acted. Her eyes opened and she could breathe again. Felt the cold depths stirring. No compassion, but the Tidemother could get angry. So very very angry.

She felt the currents move and then fought. Took the lesson to heart. They began to swirl around her, and slowly, she began to hear the cries of her companions, the groan of the Scarlet Dirge as the kraken battered itself and the demon hunter against it.

Breathe. You are a child of the Sea and always will be.

The waters surged around her and it became so very easy. The dark whispers faded. The doubt. Power surged. She threw out the demon hunter. Not this one. She felt the Tidemother’s call.

Return my child to me.

The kraken was young. She waved a hand, and the currents moved around and around, tugging the great beast below. But the others still… Oh, that fool. She looked up, and felt the other pool of darkness, deep and still.

Water calls to water. Get them out. GET THEM OUT.

Hopefully the woman would hear. The Tidemother’s will was no longer to be ignored.

There was a roaring in her ears, in her blood. Adyren floated still in the centre of chaos, watching the body of the kraken float by. Hearing a pained cry. Even monsters had a mother.

The ship would never survive a real attack. Perhaps Morlen would know what a true kraken was, but even he couldn’t out run it. She hovered for a moment, reluctant to leave to the water, but something had to be done. And still floating in her power, she extended all that energy outwards as a mother screamed in the distance.

And swam, clinging to the side of the ship.

Rogue waves always were a more terrifying and very real danger to the sailor…

The speed pushed them away, and she crawled over the railing. The demon hunter. Hunger. And then… Blackness. The cool deep blackness again.

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  • September 24, 2019 at 1:13 pm
    So THAT'S what was going on under the water that day. ;)

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