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Months ago.

There he is again, he doesn’t look any different than he did the last two years he showed up. No one else seems to notice him; he blends right in. I wonder if�


The commanding voice pulled her attention from the window she was staring out. “Evelin, what is the Law of sympathy.” By the sound of the teacher’s voice it may not have been the first time she’d asked. Evelin had been scrutinizing the man outside the window since she noticed him. She took a beat to collect her thoughts and responded as though she were reading something rehearsed. “When someone handles an item, they leave a part of their own magical aura attached to it.”

“Good. Kasidy, name three of the seven schools of magic.” The teacher continued.

Evelin rolled her eyes and glanced out the window again. “Abjuration, Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Illusion, Transmutation, Evocation� just pick three of them.” She muttered, chin in hand. Evelin knew that Kasidy thought she was going to beat her scores this year, but not if she had anything to say about it. So far this year she’d been able to stay ahead of the younger brunette, The amount of studying required to keep ahead was beginning to wear on her social life though and had already forced the separation of her long time beau. Another thing she blamed on Kasidy.

The rest of class proceeded slowly enough, nothing that they either hadn’t learned from their reading or didn’t seem like it should be common sense with past understandings of the arcane. At least, that was Evelin’s opinion on the class. The sections of instructions and brief history lessons that were scattered throughout the books that were written and assigned to them held almost all the information they covered in class.

A chime sounded in the air, an alarm to release them from the day’s teaching. Slinging a pouch over her shoulder with a few books she filed out after the other students and down the winding spiral outside the district’s iconic mage tower. Now he was on the walkway near the herbalist’s shop, before he’d been at the far end of the Recluse’s porch idly watching as people moved too and fro.

The older man’s gaze rose to meet hers and for a moment she was surprised. She shouldn’t have been, he was watching everyone in the area. She already knew that. Undeterred by his attention she smiled politely and nodded her head in greeting. Receiving the same in return she finished her descent and headed a separate direction. She had noticed him standing to leave in her peripheral, perhaps he didn’t like being noticed.

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