Love is cancer when used well.  It spreads and taints everything it touches – and it’s just so… easy.  A touch here, a special smile there.  Brushing of fingers in the right place at the right time – and they allow you in.  They allow you close.

The sergeant smiled.  His men smiled – it was a good week, as they landed in the cold North.  It would take a few days to disembark, but he wasn’t worried; the war was long over here, and though the Scourge continued to be a threat, it wasn’t the kind of open war that they’d seen on the Isles.  No, Northrend was relatively safe.

She told them that. He believed Her.  How could he not?  She was always right.  Always.

It had taken so many favors to get his garrison stationed at Westguard, so many strings to pull them out of the warzone.  But we always do crazy things for love, and everyone in the unit agreed it was for the best.  It’s what She wanted, and they wanted her to have the things she wanted.  That was how She was happy.  

Capture their eyes with a kiss.  Capture their ears with a song – let them see only what you want them to see.  The great secret of a real war is not the battles we fight or the blood we spill, but he spoils that wait for us at home.

The scout’s lips tingled still – she still tasted… flowers.  And strawberries.  So /beautiful/ – just hearing Her speak made her heart melt.  And She wanted so little – of /course/ the scout could help.  It was only right to help someone so perfect… so… 

… wonderful.

After all, it was just scouting dispatches – how awful could it be?

Most importantly – become part of their home.  When the war ends, they come home to you – and there?  There you’ll be waiting, with arms outstretched – and the welcome they deserve.

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