– Medics have reported increases in casualties as the assault on the tomb intensifies; earlier issues of septic wounds have become critical, and the healing tents are positively overwhelmed.  Notes of exhaustion and demoralization from the healers’ tents intensifies.


– Supporting alliance troops have, in turn, been taking heavy casualties in holding the line against the demons at the Tomb’s base.  Aid has been requested of the Templars proper to have those reservists not taking part in the interior temple assault to help keep the elite demon forces at bay.


– Rumors of a new commander on the Sentinax have reached the camp.  Whether true or not, assaults from the Sentinax have grown in strength and, while Legionfall forces have so far been successful in turning them back, roving members of Trueshot Lodge and the Silver Hand have begun reporting increased casualties and an uptick in portals as the remote areas of the Isles flood with demons.


– With the appearance of Argus in the sky, and the resultant rampant speculation among the troops, demoralization has become an issue.  There are those that say that the new, broken planet is a sign of the end times, that the demons have won, that reinforcements are coming from the new, horrible place in the sky – no one believes it to be a good omen.

– On a positive note, Pandaren runes have been painted – yes, painted – onto every tent in the camp, and these new wards are proving effective against the flow of acid rain and, to a limited extent, even assaults of fel fire and caustic spittle and other noxious fluids so typical of the fight with the Burning Legion, freeing the Templar magi for more useful work than ward duty.   Additionally, supply caravans speak of new Pandaren escorts who have proven useful in both pathfinding and protecting the supply runs.  

– A contingent of four priests and a group of guardsmen in odd, crimson robes have made periodic appearances in camp.  Claiming to be part of the Lordaeron Resistance, they are contributing time in the healing tents as well as turns on the walls when present.  Checks by the Templars’ demon hunters have shown they are human, and uncorrupted, and they show a remarkable facility with both light and shadow.

– The members of the Hidden Path have started to use the Templars’ camp as a staging point for forays into the area surrounding the Tomb.  This has resulted in a decrease of aerial attacks, as well as a thinning of the ranks of the enemy’s felhounds, providing some relief to those on the wall.


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