(Auth. note:  all items detailed here are intended as Current Events in and around the Templar activities on the broken shore and beyond.  These aren't really meant to be pure flavor – though they're hopefully that!  – but to also be potential rp hooks for small or large scenes, individual activity, or ideas for character intervention.  Feel free to take, use, abuse, change, fold, spindle, mutilate, or transform any of these hooks for your RP.  Additionally, I'm often availble to Do Something with these events – and some of these hooks, if y'all don't use them, may transform into Unbroken events… or just Things That Happen out there.  

Especially if some of them aren't addressed…..



– Scouts report that storms over the Broken Shore are steadily intensifying, and growing more dangerous.  Rain is highly acidic, and protective gear is required to spend any length of time in a downpour.  Additionally, green-tinged lightning has been found to be drawn fairly explosively to -non- fel-tainted objects, entities, and items on the shore, especially those with any altitude.  Camp advice includes not carrying long spears or wearing armor during a thunderstorm, seeking shelter immediately when rain threatens, and otherwise ensuring that Templars and their allies are not caught in the storms as they progress. 

– Healers and their teams report that wounds taken on the Shore have a tendency to fester and grow worse with time, and advise all combatants to seek medical relief at their first opportunity after every engagement.  No exceptions are allowed.

– The Legionfall forces report that fighting has come to a standstill across the shore, largely due to constant reinforcements being brought in via the Sentinax and her portals.  Assistance stemming the flow of reinforcements has been requested by all commanders, and on all fronts.

– The Dreadex has been sighted above the Veiled Sea on approach to the Broken Shore.  All commanders have been warned that increased mo'arg and Inquisitor presence is likely, and that it may be an indication of a planned prisoner transfer by Legion forces.  


–  The Kirin Tor reports that Dalaran defenses are holding, despite jury-rigged repairs.  Mages of appropriate artificing skill are requested to help maintain the current defense matrix and continue to keep the felbat population at manageable levels.


– SI:7 has reported additional infiltrators have been discovered at both the Legionfall encampment and within the city of dalaran.  Vigilance is requested; suspicious activity should be reported to the nearest alliance command center.


– The Temple of Elune has requested that all forces watch for a group of priestesses who have gone missing near the still-corrupted world tree. The healers were attempting to rescue an Ancient when they were cut off from their protective detail, and lost in the ensuing melee.

– Dozens of missing person flyers have been posted on the walls near the obliterum forge.  The number grows daily, and represents Highmountain Tauren, allies among the Nightfallen, and alliance forces, family members, and noncombatants as well as rolls of the missing from Alliance command.  


– Rumors abound that a Kirin Tor invoker is seeking assistance in transporting war material to the Broken Shore.

– The Highmountain Tauren are asking for assistance in thinning the ranks of the Feltotem and to purge them from the ancestral burial grounds of their people.



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