(Additional RP hooks, current Broken Isles fodder – and events on the Templar Encampment at the Felwark!)

–  Healers continue to report worsening wounds among fighters at the broken shore; it has been determined that weapons wielded by the Legion in proximity to the Templar encampment have either been enchanted or poisoned with a sort of fel virulence that continues to be refined.  Any wound created by legion weapons is potentially very dangerous, and orders are now that healers are to look over all returning troops.  Healers, already overtaxed, are looking for assistance in ensuring the continued safety of troops.

– Fel "Acid Rain" continues, though members of the camp are reporting that the efforts to ward tents using pandaren calligraphy and magic have shown some efficacy, while not being anything close to a perfect solution.

– Quartermasters report developing shortages of arrows and ammunition, as well as materials for armor maintenance.  

– Supply lines have been coming under attack by succubi leading troops of scavenger demons.  Only one in three supply caravans are arriving at the front lines, and intermittent shortages have begun to occur.

– A contingent from the Greymane worgen has passed through the camp, hunting a group of Forsaken rumored to be 'up to something' on the northern part of the Isle.

– While resistance has largely been broken in Suramar, Nightborne allies have asked for help in routing the fallen Fel-elves from their encampments near the harbor.

– A cold has started running through the troops – it isn't life-threatening, but it is making guard rotations tight.



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