Bixink wandered through Stormwind on her way to the tram, busily organizing all of her materials for the 12th time.  Truly annoying at times this organizing – which was why she�d trained the doomguard for it.  Though his size did limit his manual dexterity it allowed for more profuse amounts of constituents to be moved at a time.  Indeed, his size would be a hindrance at this point since she carried small numbers of supplies currently.  Add to that his appearance alongside her in the city could, and most probably would, create a disturbance with the resident population.  

The young gnome sighed.  This simply would not do.  As much as it annoyed her to admit, the overly redundant organization of her was simply a delaying tactic.  Her body almost … thrummed.  Pausing a moment to jot that down in her notes, she nearly walked into a human male.  �Pardon, good sir.�  Rather surprisingly (to her), she had a physical reaction to said male.  Until he spoke.  

�Whoa, there!  How ya doin�, little thang?�

Nope.  Definitely not.  Nodding politely, she pulled wrote down her body�s negative reaction to the human as she continued her path to the tram.  This was imminently frustrating.  Instinctively (was it instinctive?  She jotted that down as a question.  Instinct was something humanoids didn�t do nearly as well as other animals.) she was heading towards Tinker Town, the home of the gnomes in Ironforge.  But, engineers didn�t really interest her very much.  True, they generally had high intellects with particularly dexterous hands and fingers (which is something her body was definitely pushing her towards), they just weren�t … appealing as illogical as that sounded.

She paused in her walk.  Just what was appealing to her at this moment in time?  Male (not that she had any issue with those who preferred their own gender just she had not yet had offspring so any relationships that could not produce them would have to wait).  Intelligent (then again even the least intelligent gnome tended to have a much higher intelligence than other humanoids).  Physically fit (for a gnome this didn�t necessarily have the same denotations and connotations it did for other humanoids but, in this case, she felt those traits were in fair accord with the other races).  A researcher.  Someone who understood the beauty of finding data.  Of putting data together to make a symphony of knowledge (She blamed the �symphony� analogy on the effect the orb was having on her.  It was a rather romantic way of viewing the sublime feeling of data interpretation, analysis, and drawing of conclusions.)

Ah!  A smile graced her lips.  That�s what she needed to find!  Or who rather (calling another gnome a �that� would be rather insulting after all).  Her trajectory shifted, bringing her towards the Stormwind Library rather than the tram.  Not many gnomes graced the monolith that was the repository of much of Azeroth�s history, but the ones that understood that the future often lay in the past did.  Ironforge had an admirable library as well, but she still favored the one the humans kept.  Odd that the youngest of the races tended to be the most interested in the past.  She stopped long enough to make a written note of that as well before continuing.  

A peaceful quiet washed over her as she entered the building.  A delightful shudder danced along her skin as she gazed at all of the knowledge there at her fingertips awaiting her perusal.  (She made note of the delightful shudder.  Granted, she always enjoyed going to the library but this was a bit over the top for her.)  The smell of parchment, of ink, of book bindings was just as much of an aphrodisiac as the orb in her possession.  (This too was noted.  She�d never considered the aromas in a library in any sort of sexual sense though she did admit even without the orb just being around all of that data was at least a little thrilling.)  Tearing her lustful gaze (she, again, admitted to herself that the orb was simply pushing her beyond her normal feelings but the base was there for the orb to push), she looked around the library as she walked.  Alas, row after row yielded primarily human scholars (some of which did entice her until she moved close � which she duly noted) with a few elven and Draenei interspersed amongst them. (It did seem odd to her that she initially reacted to some of the humans but had next to no reaction to the elves or Draenei � which also was noted.)

Hope nearly lost, she turned a corner into a secluded alcove nestled at the rear of the library.  Truly ancient works were stored there and generally off limits to the majority of people.  Only true researchers were given permission to gaze at, much less peruse, the treasure trove contained there.  To her delighted surprise, a gnome sat tucked in the midst of piles of tomes.  A male gnome.  Her eyes critiqued his physical appearance.  Older (neutral in a point system � minus points for physical deterioration due to age, plus points for the experience age gains) but he retained all of his hair (definite bonus � implication being he hadn�t had ill effects of the radiation from Gnomeregan plus this was an indication that baldness wasn�t in his genetic structure) and sharpness of intellect (as evidenced by the copious amounts of notes taken and volumes read, laying open around him to points of interest).  The crossness with which he addressed a young human woman obviously interested in him (romantically or intellectually was difficult to determine � most likely a combination of the two) also counted towards suitability (his dedication wasn�t deterred by the thought of a dalliance or allowing someone of obviously lesser intellect to distract him from his work).  Unfortunately, that could also work to her disadvantage.  She�d have to develop her approach carefully so as to increase the likelihood of attaining his interest.

Coyness was certainly out.  The silly human woman apparently didn�t realize that gnome males preferred a more direct approach.  Not that she�d ever consider being coy.  It was fairly insulting.  As if a gnome male wouldn�t know what you wanted by your body language.  Her gaze wandered to the massive tomes surrounding him.  Ah, there was her way in.  The titles.  Another delighted shiver traveled along her skin (once again, the abnormal response of her skin was duly noted in written format) as she read the designations of the books and scrolls.  The male was subjectively obviously learning more about how to combat the Legion invasion (her conclusion had to be subjective as she had a limited amount of data points � headings weren�t really enough to insinuate intentions but, given the recent events with the Legion�s invasions, it was a rational hypothesis).  

Boldly (as any female gnome should approach a male in which she was interested), Bix walked up to the male.  The male�s initial scowl at her changed to mild interest when he noticed the artifact in her hand.  

�That�s of demonic origin, mostly likely from a succubus or perhaps an incubus given that you�re female.�

Could this get any better?  �Yes, it is.  It�s an Orb of Insatiable Lust taken from one killed by a demon hunter.  He was collecting brains of several for our studies.  We�re trying to determine how the telepathic abilities of several demon types work so we can develop ways to combat them.�

The male eyed the orb then her.  Pulling a mechanical device from an inner jacket pocket, he scanned Bix.  �You�ve activated the orb obviously since you�re emitting rather high amounts of pheromones indicating your desire to copulate with a suitable male of our species.�

Bix nodded.  �Partially correct.  I, personally, didn�t activate the orb.  It was done accidentally by the before mentioned demon hunter while I held the orb.  Since we�re needing information on exactly how these objects work and their impact on different humanoids, I decided to leave it activated.  Though, morally, I should not be experimenting on myself, I decided that to ignore the opportunity would be immoral since I can be more objective than most others even with the orb impacting my decision making abilities.�

Nodding, the male agreed.  �No sense in wasting the opportunity especially since we need every advantage against the Legion we can get as quickly as we can get it.�  He eyes her again, this time more appraisingly.  �I am making a guess here on the limited amount of data available, so correct me if I am in error.  You�re here to seduce me into becoming your partner in this research?�

�Partially correct again.  If we are to allow ourselves to completely fall under the designs of the orb�s creators, we should first make sure we are as close to being 100% compatible as possible.�

�Indeed.  I concur.  Shall we begin?�

�Let�s.  My name is Bixink Felbolt.  Bix to my friends.  Which, regardless of the outcome of this experiment, I predict you will become.�

�Please to meet you, Miss Bix.  I agree to the forecast of us becoming at the very least friends.  I am Dinkarn Gearspanner, Dink to my friends.�

Seating herself opposite him (in order to prevent the pheromones from unduly influencing either of their answers or decisions), Bix pulled out her various measuring tools as did Dinkarn.  For the next few hours, each tested the other with their various devices and came to the mutual conclusion that they were, indeed, well suited for each other (an overall 99% compatibility rating with the only a few outliers, notably only a 97% rating for overall physical compatibility to which they both agreed was due to his being on the top end of best ages for producing suitable offspring and her bing on the lower edge).  Upon reaching an agreement, Dinkarn agreed to leave his studies for the rest of the evening and follow her to her home in Ironforge to allow the orb unrestricted access to both of them (a library, not matter how private, was simply no place for two gnomes, especially two gnomes involved in this sort of an experiment � to which they both also agreed).


Later that evening, Bixink sat reading the book borrowed from Ryo.  Her eyes kept glancing over at the sleeping Dink while her body continued to, well, thrum as odd as that was.  Though the orb continued to push her libido into wanting to wake him, logically she knew he needed rest.  His performance for the night had been 99.9% overall (100% for the first few hours, trailing off to 99% as a need for rest began to set in) so, from her data, she realized he would need to rest in order to reach the 100% threshold once more.  The more her body pushed at her, the more her logic fought against the desire, almost need to wake him up.  Up.  She brightened and shoved the borrowed book away, instead reaching for her notebook on human courtship rituals.  Flipping to the page titled �Words Used by Humans To Indicate An Erectile Penis Ready To Engage In Copulation�, she carefully wrote �up (to get it -, getting it-, etc.)� under the words �boner, hard-on, pitching a tent, and stiffie�.  Momentarily satisfied, she debated on deactivating the orb.  Realistically she had sufficient data.  Besides, with Dinkarn here and available, she could test normal reactions and sexual relations versus those induced by the orb.  Nodding to herself, she picked up the orb where it sat on the table and gave it the command.  An immense feeling of exhaustion rolled through her, indicating wisdom in the deactivation.  

Toddling over, she climbed into bed, settling comfortably next to Dinkarn.  In the morning, after breakfast, they would compare notes and decide if they should, indeed, engage in non-orb induced relations.

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