(From a discord RP too good not to share – may you laugh as hard as we did.  Cleaned up a little, and left rough.  Many errors likely to be here.)

Two worgen race to the top of the mountain that overlooks Boralus – where a successful hunt leads to the pair looking down at the city.

Lena .. comes back to herself when her belly is full. There’s not a trace of regret or worry.. just a slow stretch and a happy rumble. She licks her muzzle.. then her claws.. clean with obvious, intelligent relish.

Leaning over, Elli licks Lena’s ear as the young wolf settles down. She positions herself for maximum fur contact while still being able to stand guard and watch.

There’s no need for words – it’s just a companionable silence, looking out at the incredible view, breathing in the cold air on the side of a mountain. Who knows how long they stay like that.. before Lena stretches again, and sighs. Her voice is rough – “… thank you. I have to go check on the little witch – she’s sheltering in my offices.” She makes a face. “Ugh.”

A rough chuckle escapes Elli’s lips. “It’s a privilege to have others under your care and watch. Remind yourself of that periodically so you don’t try to eat them later.”

“I have spent years just.. staying on the edges. Then this bunch of dramatic idiots wanders through and suddenly I’m in the middle of them.. and I haven’t been happier in years.” THere’s a nip at Elli’s ear – and Lena stands, reluctantly. “That one and Ryml will turn my fur grey. Are there rules against spanking them?”

“Try nipping instead. A good, sharp nip tends to drive the point home with pups.”

“I think Idella would faint.” More seriously – “THey’re in trouble. A lot of trouble – that Brembal fellow is up to something. I can’t prove it, but it’s there. I think he wants her magic, for some reason.”

For a brief moment, Elli is … something else. Her silver eyes get a strange glow and it’s not Elli looking out of them at her. The moment disappears but her voice is barely recognizable as she speaks. “If he’s harming either of them, kill him.”

“I have to find the proof – or proof enough. I could be wrong, but I’m glad to.” Lena shrugs – “He’s in /my/ territory, touching /my/ people and messing with /my/ game.”

Elli nods approvingly. “Good. You’re thinking like an alpha or a strong beta.” She tilts her head. “Would you be content as my beta?”

Lena looks.. somewhat shocked at the thought- not unpleasantly so, but it catches her off guard. “… I .. I’m sure you’ve got better candidates, but, if that’s what you want, I’ll try until you find someone better.”

“No one else accepts who and what they are regardless of their strength. You do. ” Her eyes rake over the younger wolf. “Your biggest flaw is your lack of faith in yourself. You’re strong, fast, and smart. Change your perceptions of yourself and you’ll be even better.”

SHe mutters – but it’s just a good-natured one: “It’s just around you, you know. Everybody else? I’m fine. Around you, I have to resist the urge to show off.”

Elli snorts. “You don’t have to show your strength to me. I already know.”

“So? I want to frolic, and dance around going ‘hey notice me’. So yes, show off.” Lena promptly flops on her. Boundaries? What boundaries? “I don’t want to impress anyone else. Well. Greymane. But we’ve had that discussion.” She grins, showing white teeth. “Maybe that silver fox you keep showing up with.” No, she’s not at all serious. “He seems stuffy, though.”

“He’s taken.” The response is filled with dry humor. “He isn’t easy to impress but once you win his loyalty he’ll protect and defend you. Even from yourself.” The last bit is said with a wry smile.

“Eww. One of /those/. You can keep that one – ” She seems speculative. “… I’m not planning on littles, but I wonder what they’d be?” With a shake of her head, she moves on – “There’s a Tauren I’ve grown fond of. ANd a couple of Kul Tirans that can keep up – that Pandaren girl is nice too. Anyway… Brembal’s a problem, but I’ll unravel it. “

“If he’s a serious problem you’ll let me know.” Even though it’s spoken in a normal, conversational tone, there’s no mistaking the inherent command.

“Yes ma’am.” She likely hasn’t said that for years. “It’s serious enough – he’s trying to put Ryml in jail and get Idella isolated and alone. I just can’t.. prove it.”

A deep, threatening rumble fills Elli’s chest that she doesn’t really seem to be conscious of. “Idella is staying in your den now?”

“For now. Not the safest place – but safer than where she was. Elli..” Lena pulls back – “I can’t figure it out. She’s a nice kid – but why would she be worth all of this trouble? What’s so special about her? If this crazy plot really is the plot that it looks like it is, what’s the point? I can’t get my claws in it – like scratching at the back of my brain. It just doesn’t add up, and I don’t like things that don’t add up. Do you know anything about the girl?”

Elli rubs her ear in frustration. “I don’t know much. She dated Ryo for a while then disappeared and came back without her memory. There was some issue with another mage or warlock some time back that tried to possess her. She’s a silly human pup which is why she needs protection because she can’t seem to take care of herself.” She harumphs a snort. “She gets my protection because she’s a part of the templar pack. However,” That feral … something lurks behind her eyes again, “What’s a danger to her endangers my pack and I’ll destroy it no matter what or who it is.”

“…. mmm. She’s.. a witch, right? I’ve heard her say so.”

“She’s some type of magic-user. I don’t know specifics.” She snorts. “I don’t like magic.”

“Says the shapechanging creature of wild magic who glows in front of the fire.” It’s rather brazen teasing.

Elli cuts her a sideways look. “Correction. I don’t like magic that isn’t from nature, or Elune herself.”

“Says the shapechanging creature of wild magic who hangs around with a greybeard Paladin, an undead Draenei, and at least six varieties of mage.”

She snorts. “Not everyone can be perfect like me – Plus you forgot the demon hunter.”

“I don’t ever judge people my alpha flirts with. Nuh-uh. I like my throat.”

Elli quirks an eyebrow. “If an alpha is doing something wrong a beta should let them know. Besides we don’t flirt. Not exactly.” She shifts a bit and rubs her muzzle. “I wanted to kill him at one point a while back. Dating him seems sort of … odd when I think about it but,” she shrugs, “he understands we’re both monsters to most humans and Kaldorei.”

“So that’s why the gifts of chocolate and the date nights?” Lena raises a brow. “Of /course/ you’re not flirting.”

“I flirt with Sorin. I don’t see dating as flirting. It’s … dating.” A semi-confused whine. “I’ve been wolf for so long I don’t understand flirting and dating anymore.”

“Okay. When a boy monster meets a girl monster, sometimes there are sparks.” Lena rolls over on her back in the snow – illustrating with a boy-monster-claw-puppet, and a girl-monster-claw-puppet.

“HELLO FIEND OF MY DREAMS,” the boy monster says.

“why hello there, handsome!” says the girl monster.


“what a coincidence, so do I? Shall we hunt things and dip them in chocolate?”


“swimming is nice!”


“oh my!”

The two claw monsters kiss.

“And then they romp around doing fun things that feel very nice until they yell at each other or become permanent mates, after which he becomes an accountant and she takes up fishmongering.”

Elli looks at the other worgen like she’s contracted rabies

The boy claw monster “looks” at Elli. “DO YOU LIKE BEING AROUND ME? SAY YOU DO AND KISS ME LIKE YOU MEAN IT.”

A blink. “When Ryml told us to kiss at the tournament, Ryo said no it’s only the second date.”

The girl monster chimes in – “I’m saving myself for the beast of my dreams!”

The boy monster adds, “I CAN BENCH PRESS A WAGON.”

Lena looks past her monster-claw-hand-puppets, innocently, up at her alpha. The girl monster sneeeaks into her line of sight. “I think I want to kiss him, but the thought’s only now occurring to me!”

Elli’s ears spring forward. “Ryo can bench press a wagon? Loaded or empty?”


A curious head tilt. “I haven’t seen him without a shirt.”

Lena peeers past her hand puppets. “What in the world are you waiting for?”

Elli shrugs. “I’ve seen him hunt and fight. I know his strength. Exposing his skin and muscles won’t change that.”

The girl monster sounds indignant, as the claw eyes the other worgen. “Except it’s amazing to look at and you know you want to.”


“And then we can go swimming!”


“But Ryo can’t become a dolphin. He can’t swim as well as I can.”

“You’re supposed to swim with legs, so he can admire them. And hopefully catch you. The fun part happens after getting caught.”

“But if it’s a race or a game I don’t want to get caught. I want to win.”

“Elli. You win /by/ getting caught.” SHe sits up, tongue out, laughing. “The entire point is to let him see how attractive you are – then /get caught/.”

“Huh. I keep forgetting he’s Kaldorei and they like appearances.” A faint lilac blush creeps under her fur. “He said something about me being a dream or something like that.”

“Mm. I remember getting caught the first time – he had rust-red fur and the most amazing golden eyes..” Lena shivers- then focuses on Elli. “I think he just miiiiiiight be sweet on you.”

“Oh!” Elli finally looks like she understands. “This is about mating then.”

“And cuddling, and licking, and all the lovely things that come before and after.”

“GRAAR” says the boy monster puppet, back from wherever he was hiding. “ME WANT.”

“Oh my!” says the girl puppet.

Lena looks over them both as they kiss again. “Don’t tell me you don’t want to.”

“Don’t want to what? Kiss him or make puppies?”

“There’s a lot of middle ground between those two ideas.”

She grunts. “He made some comment about Stoner wanting grand-puppies.” Elli suddenly looks surprised like she just realized something plus a little ill, and disgusted. “If we become mates that means I’ll be related to Stoner.”

“I’m just saying the /mating/ is the fun bit – the puppies can wait until you decide which one of you is going to be the accountant.”

“Why would we become accountants? We have to protect our packs.”

“Because I’m being silly. You don’t have to become accountants – and you don’t have to mate forever. I know a tea that can keep puppies at bay until you’re sure – and he seems nice enough, for a fel-infused killer. Elli – what do you have to lose?”

“I don’t need a tea. I’m a druid. I can alter my cycles if necessary.” She tilts her head. “I don’t understand your last question.”

“You like him. He likes you. You have a lot of mutual interests – you respect him. What’s there to lose in trying him on for size?”

“I still don’t understand. Yes, we like each other and we’re dating. I don’t get the ‘lose’ thing.”

“Oh, well. Then don’t mind me – I thought you were deliberately avoiding pouncing that giant hunk of vaguely intimidating Kaldorei.”

“Oh. Well I am I suppose.” Her ears flick back and forth. “He hasn’t seemed interested in anything physical other than belly rub fighting.”

“Elli..” Gently – for once. “Try your worgen shape instead of the cat. Generally, two-legged folk aren’t inclined to do more than belly rub fighting with cats. That said – if he’s belly-rubbing you in worgen form? Let’s just say that’s definitely pushing waay into being interested.”

“Our first date I was Kaldorei. Our second one I was worgen. Well, bear mostly for the fighting but worgen otherwise.”

“Aaaand were there belly rubs on the second date? Or the first date?”

“Cat belly rubs on the first. There was much scratching and biting.” She flushes again. “…. and giggling.”

“Mm-hmm. He’s interested.”

Elli sighs and shakes herself, fluffing out her fur. “We’ll see where it goes or if it goes. For now we should go back. I need to check on my pack.”

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  • halonan
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    “IF MY SHIRT IS OFF, IT IS LOADED, OF COURSE.” The boy monster says, “LOOK AT THESE GUNS.” (( I spit milk on my keyboard. Too funny))
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    December 8, 2019 at 8:58 pm
    The puppets were great, so were the wolf-like interactions with Lena and Elli. XD

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