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Mosur chuckled and nodded at the blonde sitting next to him in the bar. Booty bay had always been a fairly neutral place even back in the old days so it was no surprise that it was an easier to mingle with members of the Horde. “Yeah, I’d say so, but what about you?”

She smiled at him and looked down at the drink she was cupping in both hands. “I’ve heard men like you are dangerous.” She smirked almost knowingly and looked at him from under her side swept hair.

“Who me?” Mosur sat up straight but grinned like he’d been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. “No, no, not in the least.” He smirked again and reached out to take a sip from a small crystal tumblr. She’d been kind enough to buy him a drink when he’d sat down. This was generally Zaanthe’s M.O., meeting a lady at a bar, but hell why not. He smiled at her again. “So where are you from, not around here right?”

She offered again soft smile and shook her head. “No, I’m actually from Eversong. I’m down here on business, so I should be heading back tomorrow, but I was hoping to meet some interesting individuals while I was down here…even if they are dangerous.”

“You don’t say?” His smirk widened again and he let a soft laugh. “Well then, I suppose it’s nice to meet you since you’ve categorized me so. Name’s Mosur, how about yours?”

“It’s Alice.” She said smiling up at him.


His head hurt, right in front between his eyes at the base of his crest. His eyelid tightened and he groaned softly. He felt stiff and his throat felt rough. Each minor annoyance compounded by the pounding dizziness at the front of his crest. He was on his back, why he’d slept in such an uncomfortable position he didn’t know, it kept his hips raise and was uncomfortable over a long time on the base of his tail. “Okay,” he muttered and cleared his throat and moved to roll over.

The taut feeling around his left wrist caused him to open his eyes. His heart started racing, a series of worse case scenarios rushing to mind. He twisted his head to look at his wrist-tied. Rough manila rope circled his wrist three times, and he turned his head to see the same was true of the other.  A jerk of each leg proved the same.

It was a bedroom of some sort, the mattress beneath him was soft, and the sheets were some kind of silk, the throbbing in his head was almost forgotten as he jerks and pulled at the bindings. The bedposts didn’t flex or seem to give to any of his struggles, they were sturdy. Who was that woman, Alice� was that even her real name? No wonder Zaanthe only tried to pick up women at the Heart. He paused and wiggled a little more, nothing seemed to hurt except his head, and it wasn’t an injury; he hadn’t been stabbed or anything that he could tell. 

“Hey, what do you want?” He yelled at a volume that hurt, but at least it seemed to start feeling better, it had to be some kind of drug that was wearing off now, in his drink? He tugged at the bindings when he heard no response, maybe the rope would be weak enough.

“Please stop struggling, I’m afraid you’re going to leave marks.” It was a man’s voice, familiar.

“How thoughtful of you,” Mosur quipped back. and lifted his head to turn and see who was speaking.

“On my bed posts, that is.” The elf’s response was dry but held an amused tone.

Blinking both eye several times he finally got a look at the figure standing by the corner of the bed and narrowed his gaze. “Primmling.” The draenei’s tone was dark, but more annoyed than anything.

The pale elf smirked and moved toward to the center of the bed. “Hello Mosur, how is the Cabal doing? Not getting into any trouble now are you?” He raised his brows in question as the draenei decided not to answer though at least he’d stopped struggling. “You and Alice seemed to get along well.”

Mosur turned his head to look at the lawyer now standing at the foot of the bed. “So it was her, you sent her then?”

“Didn’t she mention she was there on business?” The corners of his mouth turned up, “Now now though, we have a common enemy.” Eurynine started. He paused to adjust the cuff of his white, gold-embroidered shirt before continuing, “And I think both you and the Cabal will see the benefit in helping me out.”

Mosur jerked and pulled at his wrists and legs again this time more out of frustration than any attempt to escape. “What the hell, couldn’t you have asked me out for a beer or something? Sent a letter, given me a call, anything else?” He stopped struggling, at least if Eury needed something from him for now he had nothing to worry about. Just because he’d recognized the lawyer hadn’t meant that he’d felt any safer up until now.

The blood elf frowned and looked at each of his bed posts as the draenei caused them to shake. “I was serious you know, don’t tear up my bed posts. As for inviting you out, yes, I could have but where’s the fun in that? Besides you would have declined.”

“Just tell me what you want then.” He sighed and stopped jerking against the bindings. Perhaps if he complied this would all be over faster and he could get back to the Heart.

“Your brother-“

“No. Nope. Not having anything to do with this. Just let me up now.” Mosur said cutting the blood elf off. He didn’t want to deal with Rook, especially if Eury was describing him as a mutual enemy. He was a pain, sure, but he had his moments.

Eury paused and stood there with his arms crossed waiting for the draenei to fall silent again. “Are you done now? -Your brother, as I’m sure you may know is a member of a larger organization…”

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