Issy posts a letter, sent from Light’s Hope to Stormwind Cathedral. The writing was slow, with very clear, larger letters, easy for a young girl or her tutor to read.

Hello, li’l one. Do not worry, because I will come back soon. I am helping my (a few smudges and blots here, as Isolde tries to figure out the word) fella build a chapel like, because that is a proper thing to do. Good luck too.

I hopes things are good at the big church there, and yer minding yer lessons. I hopes you do not mind me being away, but the priests and priestesses are good people and will get you really smart, and if you is good Sister Abela can take you to market to get crystal candy. I always liked that as a kid, it is very sweet.

I hopes I can bring my fella by to meet you, he is a gloomy guts but a nice man. If not, you can still show me that curtsy the sisters taught you. You are much better at it then me, and it is treat to see you at it.

Lots of hugs, Nell. I will see ya soon.


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