This land stinks of twilight.

Coo-ee thas almost poitry, innit? I gess my reeding is pencil work is getting better and I can almost use *there’s a few scrawls of attempts at spelling here* punch-yoo-ashun, even big words! Figgers tho cuz hisself ain’t been around and all I am doing is scouting and hunting and watching fer that fella Sylick. I sits in my tree and write wif char-coal on bark or whatevers fer practis and I fink I can even rite a proper thingee now wot the guvner calls it. report. Thats it!

But its been quiet fer a bit up thair and I was getting worried so I tole her ladyship I was worried about hisself, and I fink she musta been worried too so’s I asked them wot he might be about and where hisself is at. So she tole me he was up in the…um… wot’s this place called. Old Lordayron! So’s I knew it then cuz he tole me once and it wasn’t hard to find old gloomy guts cause he was working like a bloody farmhorse and wif my sniffer I could smell his sweaty arse a mile off. Coo-ee he’d been at it wif them stones and building up an old chapel and just moping about like he does all alone up there, and it’s a creepy place too.

Well that ain’t fair. Poor bugger in a bad way I finks and I’s worried cuz I ain’t good wif big worry stuff like that, things being all heavy and big and hisself talking about his failed peace and fings. He says he’s a failure wich is bollix cuz ain’t anyone I knows of that works so hard as him and he says he wants to die wich ain’t ever gunna happen cuz I kicked his arse and I’m gunna make sure he don’t even if I have ta shake his bones till his soul fall out.

*the writing here is slightly smudged and tear stained*

Stupid arsehole gloomy guts. Who he thinks he is. I tole him, I TOLE HIM he hit rock bottom and I’m his rock. So he better not do nuffin like that and die or do sumfing silly cuz wot’s the point if he’s rebuilding shite? Maybe I gotta talk to the guvner and her ladyship or one of his old friends cuz he still got lots and they knows more of him then I do. Sides he’s a great lay and gawds them old buggers knows how to tumble a lass, tho he ain’t very old as that not wif all that energy he had last night and if he keeps going on about how he ain’t no good and stuff again I’m really gunna kick his arse harder then before cuz I loves him like that. 

I figger he might doing better now but I dunno cuz he plays it close in his way but I really hopes he ain’t. He seemed to have a bit of fire last night. Place din’t seem so gloomy and I figgered I could almost see green and stuff and it’s like I been finking if you put some life into a place it makes it nicer and liveable and shite. I prolly have to go back or let the guvner and her ladyship and them knows I found gloomy guts but fer now I fink they din’t need me so much to help wif Sylick but if they do I’ll let em know where we both are. I’m even gunna write up a proper report fer the guvner like a proper Templar and mebbe I’ll make hisself write one up too even if he ain’t gunna hand it to them, cuz it might helps him to get them words outta his head. 

Coo-ee. Gunna have to hunt some more rabbits soon.

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