Well, shit.

Four paws hit the cobblestones and a wealth of familiar smells hit her nose. Cue drool. Getting here wasn’t an issue, nor was finding clothes again, although clothes felt so damn weird these days. There were so many mages and portals and carts and ships…granted, mage portals cost you an arm and a leg if you weren’t military, so that was out, but ships weren’t. A worgen with a strong arm and a basic sense of taking orders could do it fairly cheap. So she did.

Issy stepped her nose down to the pavement, then up, catching his scent. Hrmph. As she thought, near the docks with the other recruits ready to ship out. And…yeah, she had a few hours. Okay. Food. 

She felt…weird, still.

This place was so familiar. Home, in a way. But she hadn’t been so human in months and even as she shifted back and wandered the streets in human form she couldn’t remember *why* she had always been so hesitant about using her worgen abilities before. Now it felt so natural, and being human and doing normal human things felt…odd. 

Then there was the sausage rolls. And eel pies and ohhhhh there were more then a few Gilnean vendors in this district….

Okay so she *liked* being who she was right now. There was energy and purpose and even though she was worried about him, life seemed to be moving now. Something was *happening*. She nicked a couple of rolls and then flipped her last few coppers for an eel pie and wandered back to the docks, devouring the food as she went. Granted, having enough to eat and not feeling like a total vagabond helped. Hells, as much as she liked running feral she was a city girl at heart and who said you couldn’t be feral in the city?

A wolfish grin as she swooped a couple apples from an overhead tree, perched on the dock walls and looked down at the recruit encampment. Pondered and looked down at herself. Hrm. She barely had enough leather to cover herself, was a little scrawny at the moment, and her hair was probably unspeakable, though she was clean. No, she couldn’t just join the crew. He couldn’t know she was there. So…stowaway. She eyeballed the ship. Wouldn’t be too hard to pretend to be a docks worker, helping to load the ship, though gods knew security was tight these days. 

And then…

She kicked her bare feet and nodded to herself. Wherever they were going she would follow. He needed watching. Even if he didn’t *know*, he needed friends nearby.

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