Delivered via SI:7 dispatch, priority, arriving late (Sunday) night to the first person that can be pegged as an officer within the Templars that the courier – a gnome on a flying machine – can find… mostly likely through one of Acele’s orderlies or the Alliance officers at Greywatch.

To the officers of the Templars of the Rose:

It is with some urgency that I note one of your apparent number – a Pandaren who calls herself ‘Kun Yi’ – was found in Stormwind yesterday deep in her cups, and both angry and somewhat stubborn, though not directly destructive.  Given your recent service to the Alliance, my superiors suggested that we let you know, via the most expedient channel possible, that she’s likely to need a bit of attention before she ends up in the local Stockade, picked up for vagrancy, or, if I’m to be honest, dead in a ditch somewhere.

She did not seem to be one of the Templar’s more subtle agencies, and my apologies if we’ve caused inconvenience to some sort of internal operation.  That said, given that she rendered some significant service to myself in the line of duty, I felt obliged to return the favor in kind.  

If she is not one of your operatives – I teased only “Templars” out of her before managing to pour her into a bed – please let me know at your earliest convenience, so that we can manage her until we sort out where she actually belongs.

One of you may want to pick her up before she has a chance to get too far away – she’s in room four, the Blue Recluse, Stormwind, with strict instructions that alcohol is off limits for the duration.

Joilinn Tallant, Lady of Pines

SI:7, 3rd Regiment, “Stalker”.

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