I should be home right now.

It wasn’t the first time Keleosha had thought that today, but as newly risen corpses shambled out of the green mist on the battlefield in front of her it came to her again. Moments ago, Sylvanas Windrunner, Warchief of the Horde had released the blight outside of Undercity, killing many of her own soldiers before she raised them as these abominations.

Did the rest of the Horde see this? Weren’t the Blood Elves once attacked by the undead Lich King in a campaign similar to what Sylvanas was doing right now? Keleosha thought she remembered hearing about that, but maybe she was remembering wrong. Or, she hoped, the elves remembered if that was the case. The Banshee Queen didn’t appear to.

Like the rest of the Alliance soldiers, Keleosha waited for the risen corpses to come to her instead of risking the blight. She swung her hammer at the first one to enter her range – an orc maybe? It was hard to tell. Even without muscle or armor, the creature stood up to the first hit and blocked the second. She slammed it with her shield and it staggered backward, giving her the opportunity for a harder hit – she took it, and the blow to its midsection collapsed the ribcage and shattered the spine. She really hoped that would be enough for it to stay down.

A slash at her legplates drew her attention to one attacking from the side. A small one – gnome or goblin maybe. She swung her hammer low and in a single strike, obliterated its skull. Gnome or goblin, she felt bad for that. It was like desecrating the dead.

No, that was mercy. The real desecration had already been done.

The blight was starting to spread their way, so the Alliance troops gathered their wounded and ran further away from the city. A fallen human lay near Keleosha. She had no idea if he was alive or not, but she picked him up and ran for safety. Once she felt like she was far enough away she set the soldier down. Still alive, but hurt. She called on the Light to heal him – not something she was particularly good at, but it was something she found herself doing a lot.

The human’s eyes fluttered open and looked up in horror, “Look out!”

Something hit Keleosha from behind and her vision went dark.

She came to Azeroth to defend it against the Legion. To repay the debt she owed to Azeroth for saving Draenor. The Legion was defeated though, and she should have gone home. Azeroth was still in danger. The planet was alive, but the wound the Dark Titan had inflicted was slowly killing it. The Horde and Alliance were fighting each other over the blood of their dying world. Was this what she had stayed for?

No, she stayed for her friends. She stayed for her sister and her niece. She stayed because Azeroth wasn’t safe yet.

“Vindicator, are you alright?”

Keleosha rolled over and wiped the dirt and ash from her face. The human she had been healing was standing over her offering his hand. The undead Tauren that had hit her was dead again on the ground behind him.

“I am fine, thank you.” she took his hand and pulled herself up. The field once covered in blight was now covered in frost? There also appeared to be a human sailing ship floating in the sky. How hard had she been hit?

“The northwestern wall has been breached and King Wrynn is making a push into the city,” the human soldier told her, “can you still fight?”

Keleosha nodded and started running for the opening in the wall.

Just one more battle, then she would go home.

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