Darkness, all consuming darkness, a tomb that should be filled with the fallen, instead littered with relics and treasures, the bones that once resided there strewn about in tatters. The demon hunter leaps from ledge to ledge, ignoring the piles of gold and weapons, figuring they are likely cursed, no…he was here for something special, something stolen from him. The final chamber before him, his fel green eyes glowing brightly, allowing him sight in the darkness, he extends his hand, making a sigil in the air before thrusting his hand toward the door, it blowing open! The Demons within hiss and roar, charging out with their vile blade, rushing the hunter, a massive axe swings from the side as Kaldanos slides under the attack, grabbing the handle of the axe, swinging on the polearm’s girth before kicking the demon in the face. He pulls the axe from the knocked out demon and slams the head into the face of the vile creature, leaving a bright green splatter mark on the floor. The demons friends begin to surround him, his hands sliding down to his own axes, stolen himself from a powerful Fel orc warrior, teeming with the souls of the slain innocents he had sacrificed to his dark masters. The souls fuel Kaldanos as he leaps about, slicing off demon head after demon head, their screams drawing the attention of a large Fel Lord who oversaw the tombs collection. 

The Fel lord cackles as his men die, Kaldanos taking a low stance as the last demon fell, standing slowly to look at the demon commander. “You fool! You came all this way just to die! I know you..Kaldanos, Blacksmith, Teacher, husband..” the last word fell from his lips like a poison, the normally calm and collected Kal felt a surge of anger wash over him, his dark blue tattoos glowing faintly. The demon continues, taking up his large sword:

“I know why you are here, you seek my master, the Nathraziem Rol’kata, Who came to you as a warden, telling you of your beloveds death at the hands of we, the legion…”

“That is accurate, but you also have something of mine, and i have come to reclaim it..”

“If it is the location of my master, you are sorely out of luck, he keeps his whereabouts secret from me, and-” 

“I don’t care, i will deal with you cowardly master in due time…” his words stern and tinted with rage.

The demon grins wide, pulling from his side a Wardens Helm, with what appeared to be a head…still inside.

Kaldanos’s eyes burned brightly as his scaly skin begins to harden, flames rise around his body as he steps closer to the Fel lord, the demon tosses the head aside and rushes Kal! Kal leaps into action, his wings flicking out as he rushes ahead! 

What seemed like hours passed, the fel lords head rolling down the stairs, the last vision it took was the sight of a massive, spike covered and scaly beast tossing his body aside,ignited with fel flame. The hulking creature moves slowly towards the wardens head, as it reaches down the body shrinks, the bestial form breaking off like an insects shell, turning to ash as Kaldanos took the head up, resting its forehead against his own.

Sunlight, blinding and shining with hope, he sets the head in a small grave, the trees around him tall and a vibrant green, Valsharah a fitting resting place. He covers the head in dirt, patting it down nice and thick, the grass already slowly taking over the dirt as he thrusts a metal tombstone just above where he laid the head. Hand forged from her amour and weapons, turned into a fitting Wardens memorial, he kneels before the grave, speaking softly, as if whispering to the dead he had laid.

“Hello Camila, it has been a long time…before your true death i had mourned you a few hundred years ago, i turned to him, and he gave me the power to avenge you..” he looks to his hands, shaking his head “How foolish i was, i should have come with you, i should have begged you to stay, i…i should have died….when you did..” he shakes, his calm failing “But i did not, and here you lay… and so i must go on.. i must help our world destroy these vile things, i must take their heads….as they did yours..” he slowly stands, turning from the grave “May the spirits of Valsharah protect you, My love.”

He walks away, his heart, long since thought to be numb, ached like no blade could make him.

“How touching…” a vile, deep voice comes from his mind, giving the hunter pause. “A hole in the ground, where your home used to be, Haahahhaha! How pathetic..”

“Begone Craxus, lest i put you in your box again..”

“I do not fear your box Blacksmith, you have just slain my brother to put your bitch to rest, i wonder…will your do the same for the one you call Daught-” the demon finds itself gagged, flung into a cage within the Hunters mind, slowly the beast is lowered into a pit of molten metal, slowly to be burned alive, again and again until he saw fit, his screams slowly fading out to the sound of the whistle. A whistle all to familiar to the beast, Tea…was ready.

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