She gazed blearily at the mug set before her on the bar (see: plank over two rocks) and muttered to herself. “…ech….”

Feelings. Yuck. 

That weird draenei, talking like that to her about Cael and, and THINGS. Like all deep and stuff. Yuck. Slurp. Kun took a swig of the ale and then wiped her mouth. Staring at the mug again. Oh gods, what is WITH the people here? Is everyone all deep and sad and…and….shit, well, not like she could do anything about it, Petal seemed to like them a lot and she wasn’t the type to go messing up her sister’s stuff.

Slurp. Ech.

Well, at least sis was helping Cael out, the poor kid. Kun wasn’t even sure where to start with that one. She’d seen some messed up folks before, skulking in the darker corners of the sewers below Dalaran. Sometimes muttering to themselves, often scarred. Physically and otherwise. Gods’ breath, hopefully Petal could keep Cael from that life. Her only idea was to take the worgen lass out drinking and as thick as she felt, even Kun knew that would be a TERRIBLE idea.

Yuck. Slurp. Wipe.

Feh. Sis and her talk of drama and prophecy and all that weird shit… can’t disappoint her though, even though she DID go off back home without telling her AND probably talked to Uncle… Uncle with more drama and weirdness. Gods, couldn’t anyone around here just be *normal* for once?

Slurp. She felt a pang of heartache and homesickness. Dammit, Uncle, what are you on about…

She eyeballed the door. Thank the gods that demon hunter woman wasn’t actually around. Crazy bitch. Well. Maybe not? She wouldn’t mind a little company, despite the crazy. Fuck it. Where was she?

Slurp. Shudder. She needed some more ale and SOMETHING to distract her from all these damn stupid inconvenient feelings tumbling about her head. 

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