Kun stalked through the trees, tail curled tight against her. This was…fun. Ha. This was really fun. Hunting down deer with some worgen she’d only just met, technically, the previous meeting with Cael aside, not hitting the bars or even hitting on the other person. It was almost refreshing. And the air out here was nice too.

She lifted her muzzle, as she’d seen Etsi do, and sniffed. Take advantage of your natural gifts, she’d been told. And gods knew she had a talent for the sneak, compared to tracking down or tailing fellow miscreants, stalking a deer was a piece of cake. 


She grinned. Maybe she’d beat the druid to the first kill. There were so many damn animals wandering around here it was a like a godsdamned buffet. And that buck right there….that was the right one to go for, right? She glanced down, noting the rustle of bushes where  Etsi was stalking prey as well. Hrm. Back to the buck. Yeah, that was right. The males were the ones with horns and no babies and she was pretty sure it wasn’t the season for babies. 

Pretty sure. She’d never spent much time in the wilds. 

Well. Time to get down to business.

She slunk further out onto the branch, crouching like a cat, tail lifted slightly, waiting as the buck grazed juuuuust that little bit closer. Falling on it from here with her weight…if she grabbed the neck it’d probably be dead before it knew what hit it. Wow! This wasn’t that hard at all. Keep downwind and you were golden.

There was a faint rustle, swoosh, and thump as she leapt off the branch, onto the beast, then a clatter and a shout as she tumbled with it, narrowly avoiding some flailing hooves, and sat up blinking a moment later. Looked down and grabbed the horns. The buck lay still. She grinned

“Hey, wolf woman! Lookit! I got him!….the ones with horns are boys, right?”

There was a faint grunt and more rustling as a pair of eyes just barely lifted over the scrub to eyeball the noisy pandaren. Then a nod. Kun beamed and lifted the buck’s horns a little higher, turning to look at it. 

“Probably snapped his neck right away. Probably should cut the neck soon and let him bleed out, or do you wait to do that back at camp….” Her eyes widened. Too late. The beast had only been knocked out, and a split second later the pandaren rogue was rolling on the ground, howling and nursing a heavily bruised muzzle after the buck headbutted her. The beast struggled to it’s feet a second later, huffing and looking angry.

“Why you….!?”

Kun got out the blades this time, and at least had the fore sight to bury one in the beast’s neck, killing it for real as the sheer weight and force of her leap this time brought it down for good. She heaved for breath, staring down and then plopping her rump on the buck’s now still hide. 


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