Something was *wrong*.


Kun frowned as her sister scurried in and out of Cael’s tent. Well, partially. There had been smiles and jokes at first, nudges and winks, but when her sister didn’t rise to the jabs as usual the jests had faded a bit. Now she was worried.

Petal was off. Kun could feel it. Anxiety, fear. Maybe it was this war… sis wasn’t meant for violence, or even the stresses of a battle camp. Not that Kun liked it much either, but as much time as she spent down in sewers of Dalaran she was used to watching her back and the stress of imminent and unknown attacks. But maybe it wasn’t just that either.

No, something else.

Kun watched her sister with slightly narrowed and worried eyes. Lack of sleep. Fear. Hrmph. Something or someone was bothering her sister and the feel of it was like an itch on theback of her mind. Something…something. She clenched a fist. She’d get to the bottom of this, all right, and if it meant punching demons or magic or who knows what she would do it.

A spark of light flashed from her clenched fists. Time to speak with someone.

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