Deep within the bounds of an tall, icy fortress, someone schemed. Dark and terrible deeds were afoot, and as the chill wind howled through the castle gates, a dark, curled claw reached for a low flame…


Followed by more cursing as the cramped little snow room flared with light and then warmth as the fire was flicked into life. Kun Yi gave a sigh of relief and grinned. Gods bless mages, she thought. A few coin and I’ve got a room that won’t melt in my snow castle.

Which, to be fair to the viewer, was hardly an imposing fortress. It perched on a low hill near the gates of Stormwind, trees hanging overhead lumpy, moderately tall walls and a single, squat tower barely high enough to stand in. It’d taken her a few days to mash together but it was UNEXPECTED.

Kun cackled again as she rolled out her map. Her plans were almost complete. Several enchanted bags to keep things cold, check. Snow castle, check. Locations… to be determined. Now she need accomplices. She eyeballed the communicator stone she’d lifted and grinned. 

“OI. Etsi! You there, furry butt?”

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  • etsiyona
    December 24, 2017 at 2:07 pm
    Yawning and grumping, the giant bear grabbed the comm stone in one of her paws. "What?"

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