Could you dream in light?

That’s what it felt like.

There seemed to be a sparkling golden cloud around her, through her, warm in it’s way but for all it’s beauty a hint of…danger. It could cover you in glory or wipe you from the face of the earth. And she grabbed it and held it and dragged it in around her on instinct and need and desire. 

Her own thoughts wafted through this dream, seemingly odd and out of sorts with the Light. Drink. Food. Hunger. Lust. Anger. Joy. What about that hot mess of a demon hunter?  Or the rampaging fun of hunting with the worgen druid? Or bouncing from bar to bar to underground and through the streets. Of poisons and dreams tinted green, or lust swirled with pink and silk. Of curse words and spice filled winds and the scent of apples and cherries from the Arboretum below. 

Of fel fire and brimstone and blood…

There was an odd sort of focus. Outrage. A different kind of anger…rage. A sense of iron and merciless strength. A sense of possession and overwhelming…

Kun Yi blinked awake with a mighty yawn and a half snort, half snore, and a growl dying on her lips. She scratched herself and looked around. Their rooms in Dal, Petal flumped beside her in the big bed. Huh. Must’ve been tired last night. Was she drinking? No, they’d… ears drooped. Right. Uncle. The Temple. And then…oh, man, that yaoguai had come. She looked over in surprise. The daggers were still there, and for some reason the desire to keep them was almost equal to the shame she still felt for ever having stolen them. 

Ok, well. She had made things right with whassisface jerkface captain, right? So that was…something?

She flopped back down beside her sister and curled up in half doze. She felt so damn tired still. She must’ve been drinking. Everything after her chat with the worgen rogue was a blur of brushes and pretty elves and Cael and some blur of purple magic that Petal… Petal had done something. Oh.

She looked back at her sister. Remind me to give you a good hard poke, sis. You and your magic. Betcha one of those funny spells backfired. Can’t even remember what happened. Well. At least there’s no hangover. 

Despite herself her eyes began to drift closed again. Even so, there’s so much to do…gotta talk…talk to the yaoguai again….

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