It was honestly the last place she expected to end up. On a battlefield. Really? With all this chaos and muck and stink of that damn fel fire and blood… she’d seen blood before, but never, ever like this. Never on a battlefield before.

Kun looked at the surging lines of fighters, *real* fighters, women and men and swords and shields and mages with their ice and priests with their light and holy shit, what was she even doing here?

The “right thing”, of course. Fuck.

She looked down at the too little daggers she carried in her hands. Sharp and black and deadly and special in their own way, perhaps, but it was a stolen gift. How could she have given the ya…Blackwald so much grief? These were just as precious and just as dangerous to his kind.

“Siiiiiiis duuuuuuuuck!!”

Kun did, sighing as purple fire flared overhead in a heavy arc, and crashed amongst the surging mass of demons before them. Well, sis was here too. That was as good a reason as any to do the thing. She took a deep breath, smiled, and thought… why not. And ran.

And fought.

This…she could deal with blood and the screaming and the smells. But the weariness of it. So much later…so much later, she was still fighting, and it felt like forever. Dance, dance, stab, cut, leap, dance…and there was always more, and it never stopped, and you had to keep going because of course you did and you needed to *fight*. Fight for *everything*. SHe had to keep doing it, even when she got separated from Petal, through the waves and then there was one of those bad, bad moments. Something changed in the air. Cries over their side of the field, as some big bonewreckers appeared through the portals. But she was so tired. So tired.

She saw them stomping and sweeping through the crowd, set her feet. Pushed up the hill. Can’t be tired. Light began to shine her eyes, crackle in her fur. Can’t be tired. She reached the crest of the hill and looked down, the wreckers getting ever closer, and behind them, the handlers, the big bad boys, demon bosses snarling whips and flaming swords, and something seemed to snap.

Well, if they were all going to die anyways.

She ran, gaining speed as she took leaps and bounds down the hill and then *launched*, pushing her bone weary self through the air, two daggers out because if you were going to go you would go in glory. Short sharp and deadly, she’d have to land on the head to make a difference, and as her daggers landed and scraped down the horns of the biggest demon, cutting and digging into flesh with bellows of rage and her screams of light filled fury… light, a flash of light, blinded her, and then silence.



Then… something.

Kun blinked and raised her paw to her eyes. At first, she could not see, except for a blinding blur of gold and whiteness. Then details. Outlines. A grand hall, with towering pillars and magnificent, complex carvings. And then the sound. Of wings, of murmurings, of wind. And warmth.

She raised her eyes upwards, and the shock gave way to fear. Uncertainty. All these months, that weird thing in the back of her head. Those chunks of time she never quite remembered, that Petal was always so insistent about. But she did remember them, somehow. She did know. And this being she saw in front of her she saw only once before but she knew the presence. Knew it in her bones.

“You have arrived. And you must make a choice.” The voice was the same too. Big, echoey. Awe inspiring and and awful in the truest sense of the word. Kun lowered her eyes, trembling.


“You were chosen.” The woman commanded, her voice terrible but not cruel. Just…hard. “You have the Light in you, and you can serve it. But that service is not for the weak willed. Will you accept it’s call?”

“Me? But I’m…I’m what I am. Not…” Kun dared to glance upwards. “I’m not…”

“Those who serve come in many forms. It is the heart of you that matters.” The great Valkyrie leaned down, and the point of a burning blade leaned with her. Kun took a breath, and felt her lungs fill with air as sharp and clear and cold and *good* as anything she’d ever felt. Besides, below…below was her sister, Cael, Etsi, hell, even the Templars and so many others, and one thing this light was doing was dispelling so, so many illusions she had carried with her.

She wasn’t done yet. Hells no.

As the great being drew closer, Kun knelt, and bowed her head. That burning blade touched her heart.

“Serve, and earn your place amongst my kind.” 

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