A small, clear glass bottle is placed near Cael’s quarters, filled with a pretty, sparkling blue-ish liquid. A note is attached, written in truly horrible Common. While written in a elegant hand, it appears the writer gave up on spelling and went with phonetics, but it’s fairly legible. Barely.


Sahry abowt tha kut to yor I. Did int meen to do thaht, but thaht yaogaui, I meen wohrgen, he got me reel angree with his theeving. U probaly got sick, and Im sahry abowt that agen. This vlask has anti… (the word here has been carefully scraped out and then replaced) antidote thats gud for wat I dun and sum other poisuns. Ask yor frends to chek it owt.


(there’s a couple of pandaren symbols here in place of Common, which translated read Cho Kun Yi)

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