She flopped onto the bed and buried her head into the pillow. 

Shit shit shit shit SHIT. 

Her paws were shaking and her gut rumbled. She couldn’t let Petal know, of course. She meant to cut the yaogaui. The worgen thief. Oh she’d gotten into fights, she’d descended into the underground, she’d seen some things and she knew to look twice and ask questions before trusting ANY one, but she hadn’t had it in her to kill. Not yet, and for even the worgen thief she hadn’t found the urge, despite her anger.

Make him sick, she thought. That’ll be good payback. Poison him a little. Make him feel as bad as he made Aya feel. Show that presumptuous bastard what for. Oh, GREAT idea.

And now some poor worgen girl, half battered already, was probably half blinded and throwing up because she couldn’t control her temper and she didn’t mean to hurt her and THAT BASTARD and AUGH! The Templars, whatever they were exactly, would be super pissed and she’d gotten herself into trouble, and ancestors PLEASE don’t let them take it out on Petal.

Another groan, and another pillow clutched over her head. Hopefully Petal would get the antidote to the worgen girl. Gods, the worgen had rescued a freaking lamb. She felt like such an utter bastard. But…but…and…

They’d found him, at least. They knew. She just prayed, through a wave of sniffles, that…oh gods, he was pissed too. He wouldn’t do anything to the chest. He COULDN’T! Oh gods. How was she going to get it back? She couldn’t let Aya drag her off again, that might’ve made things worse…oh gods.

She glanced to the door and clenched her fists. She needed to go, soon. Sis needed to come back. They had to fix this.

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