She watched the drops fall from behind a thick pair of goggles and a thicker, but more flexible pair of gloves. A thin dropper in one hand, little scraps of paper laid out on the tray before her, and a series of glass tubes and burners beyond that on the table. A flicker of gas light and flame, colour and smoke flickering and weaving through the glass. In one corner, peeping through the crack of the thick, small, iron bound chest lid, a glass jar filled with viscous fel green liquid.

Drop. Sizzle. Drop.

Kun Yi smiled as the paper curled, discoloured, and then crumpled. She flicked it aside. The poison was too caustic to be put into ink, she realized. It would mark the paper too obviously. Maybe vellum or leather would be fine… her gaze flicked up to the narrow slotted window in the door. Ooooh. She hoped the smell wouldn’t wake Petal up. She wouldn’t be happy learning about the poisons. This batch was rather nasty.

Kun Yi sighed and removed her goggles, snuffing out the burner’s flame. Maybe she needed to lessen the solution base. Weaken it a little. She didn’t want Petal unhappy, as much as she’d like to make the bastard suffer…

She brightened and dug around a bit, getting out some collection of dried flowers. Ooooh, this would do the trick! It wouldn’t kill them, not at all, well it SHOULDN’T, certainly not immediately. But it would make them feel very very ill. And the cure… she brightened. He’d get them that…whatever Petal was upset about. It was important.

She happily began grinding up the flowers, humming to herself. Hrm. Stormwind had great markets, she could get more things there, and maybe that nice Pandaren boy from the Turtle would be around again. Could go out for drinks and a tumble later, and the beer in the Dwarven district was top notch…

This was going to be a fun day.

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