Kunyee’s tail curled up around her feet, her knees pulled up to her chin as she sat and brooded and stared out the one dingy window. The tail puffed a bit at the memory. What the hell had gone on there?

Ok, fine, so Joi was a scheming bitch, as she’d discovered most SI:7 agents were. Ye gods, the humans were nitpicky, obsessive folks. They had to have their fingers in every pie, didn’t they? Had to just keep tabs on every thing, aside from their being a war going on. The underground was in turmoil enough as it was, finding a dead agent in their midst… she gulped. Yeah. Fat chance Joi didn’t know about that. No wonder she’d picked her out of the crowd. Just her luck to make contact with a SI:7 agent. 

The tail fluffed again. It should have been a normal run, though. Sure, the bitch didn’t have to force her into it, but at least this way she’d show willing to the agency? Sure. Just run in, kill some baddies, get whatever those humans were looking for, bugger off again. And hey, those relics from those…giant sized human looking females. Vyrkul? Vyrkul were the bad guys here, right? So it wasn’t *bad* to take the shinies from them. Sparkling, glowing, hovering… her paws itched remembering. They were just hanging there, beautiful and drawing her to grasp them. So she did.

Her ears flattened down. Well. No use picking on Petal anymore over the dinosaur incident. Or her weird magic obsessions. Hell, she really hoped sis didn’t come home early today. That light… that light! It had creeped all over, ugh. It prickled. Made her…self conscious. Aware. She was sorry! She’d even tried to put the relic back but the Light didn’t go away and then…and then…the statue…

Kun slurped frantically from her flask, trying to dispel the memories.

Gods knew, ha, that she wasn’t the religious type. The monks and Uncle certainly despaired of the fact. Religion was for people like Petal and priests and whatever. Who could believe in the Light, as the humans called it, or gods or whatever when there was just magical energy and chi and stuff that made people think they saw gods around ALL THE TIME. It was silly. Even the demons…they were obviously just another life form from another place, as some of the draenei had indicated. Everyone knew that.

She shouldn’t feel like this. She knew better. It was a trick. A magical trap. She’d gotten zapped by a relic trap, no matter what the dwarf pally had said. She got zapped and it addled her brains and some magical illusion had happened. Kun took a deep breath and another sip of her flask. The prickly feeling, the sense of knowing, the overwhelming feeling of being noticed, just… just a zapped brain. The Light filling her from toe to tail and that great, wonderous being, rising up before them, wings unfurling, noble and mighty and fierce and unyielding and beautiful…

Kun whimpered and dove under the covers. Light. There had been so much Light. It was terrifying. Even the drinking and the fooding and the hitting on Joi and pestering the pally hadn’t been enough to make the memory go away. To reason with it. To understand it. There had just been the…the being. Dominating her mind, golden feathers and helm overhead. 

She looked at the daggers, still clenched in her palms. Heavy, weighted things. Simple, dark. Worn hilts. Nothing anyone would notice but suddenly they seemed heavier then before. She wanted to cast them aside but couldn’t. She’d stolen them, aye, in revenge for that yaogaui stealing their relic. She didn’t even know their origin. But didn’t they just seem…the reasons. Why did it seem so petty all of a sudden?

Kun huddled further in her blankets, hiding the daggers in her boots again. No. Don’t worry about that now. Let’s just have a nice night in, drinking and being stupid and then go out and have a brawl at the bar in the underground. That’ll fix things. Yes. It will.

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