I know I am a minor member of your organization and, as such, my opinions do not hold as much weight as others. Be that as it may, in all good consciousness I must still relay my dissatisfaction with how Miss Idella is being treated. She is not a criminal and has not behaved as one to my knowledge. Moreover, she is suffering from a form of mental illness and not one in which she will necessarily cause harm to herself or others. While I can understand the desire to keep her protected and watched until it can be ascertained as to what has happened to her and if she is indeed under some sort of mental manipulation, I do not feel a jail cell is the optimal way of performing these tasks. Keeping her incarcerated against her wishes certainly will not induce her to reacting favorably to us and our concerns for her above mentioned physical and mental well-being.

I have an alternate proposal for you in this regard. Allow her to return to her cabin in Drustvar but send Templars who know her and who she trusted in the past to visit her daily. If one can be spared, I would even hazard to suggest keeping someone skilled in remaining undetected assigned to her as well in order to have instant updates on any actions or changes to her behavior that would not be seen during one of the other friendly visits.

Though gnomes are not usually emotional creatures, I find I am, indeed, emotionally involved in this predicament. I have both the honor and privilege of Miss Idella considering me to be her friend, a position I do not find myself in with most people. I certainly hope to have her regain her memories and will do my utmost to insure this does happen. I feel that giving her at least the illusion of freedom will aid in persuading her that we do not intend her any harm and simply wish to be friends with her once again.

Should you need volunteers to watch and visit her if you find my plan logical, I would happily set aside my personal research to aid in researching her condition and visiting her in her cabin.

With deepest respect,

Bixink Felbot

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  • Ari
    December 10, 2018 at 9:17 pm
    To Bixink Felbot, As always, I value your counsel, and would not undermine your ascertains by either your stature within the Rose or your connection to Ms. VanBelle. Your deductions were in many ways prophetic; she managed an escape from her cell with the help of a co-conspirator whose identity we are striving to confirm. Your recommendations affirm the suspicion that it was better to allow her free but within a watchful arm's reach than in a cell. Once we determine her location, I will assign a Rose scout to observe her safely from afar. A scout has already been placed at her cabin for adjacent purposes but she appears to not have made a return yet. Once she is located, I will send word and advise that you be among the friendly faces that reestablishes contact. Perhaps once she is one more equal ground, we can determine what became of her and whether she is friend or foe. Signed, Lightbearer Arialynn Dawnfield Justicar, Templars of the Rose

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