A letter is found under her door when she returns home after being out.  The handwriting is surprisingly good with the words being written with long, elegant strokes.


I�m not a good person for advice.  I don�t really understand people.  Sometimes they�re sheep and sometimes they�re wolves and I can never tell which one they�re going to be when I�m near them.  So you probably shouldn�t even read what I�m writing because more than likely I�ll just confuse you.

Be Caelryn.  You�re not a human or a wolf nor are you a human and a wolf.  You�re Caelryn.  Don�t try to be anything that people think you should be or anything you think you should be.  Just be Caelryn. Find a place inside of yourself and learn who you are then be you.  It�s not easy and it�s not fast.  It�s taken most of my life to find me, to find the balance that is me and be comfortable with who I am despite what people think about me.  Take the time to find yourself.  After you find your balance, after you find who you are, accept and love yourself unconditionally.


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