A piece of sealed parchment marked "Confidential: Acele Walkinson, Grand Marshal" is delivered to Ace's office.


Grand Marshal Acele Walkinson,


The recent mission by the covert group know as 'The Unbroken' to clear the old training grounds at the Argent Tournament was partially successful.

While the few ghouls remaining in the area were destroyed, a small contingent of Nerubians was discovered to be occupying tunnels under the grounds.  In our attempts to drive the Nerubians from the area, one of their tunnel systems was collapsed, leaving a sizeable crater.  Fortunately, the crater is in a section that does not require immediate attention to make the grounds usable.

During the engagement, a map was found detailing future incursions the Nerubians plan against the Ebon Blade still holding sections of land in Northrend.  The map was entrusted to Captain Victor Blackwald who will deliver copies to both you and to the Justicar of the Templars of the Rose.  The Unbroken will continue to forward information gained as we work to make the grounds usable for training new recruits.



Ellinde Feralsong                                                                                                                                              Knight-Champion                                                                                                                                             Alliance Military Forces

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