Left with Cael, as she recouperates among the Ascended:

Xinai –

I had to leave before you woke up today – and you were finally sleeping so well I didn’t have the heart to disturb you. I left your shirts in the pack by the fountain, and there are some of those tea-cakes you like in the canvas wrap on top. Be careful – they’re a little crumbly. There’s the last of the jasmine tea in the pot near the fire – I’ll try to get more from the Brokers.

There’s stuff going on in Revendreth, and I gotta go help – Master Jander’s not well, and the Templars need someone that can call in reinforcements and keep the portals open while they set up in the Keep. I will be back as soon as I can.

(a splotch on the page looks like a hastily-wiped-away bit of moisture here.)

I’m going to see if I can help with some of the work that’s getting done with these new allies of ours. I promise, I’ll be careful – but the Templars don’t have a lot of mages, and even if I’m not the strongest, there’s a lot I can do. I need to make sure they’re okay for you to come back to, too, you know?

You take some time with the Ascended. They keep telling me they know how to help, and not to worry – but you know me, I’m going to worry until my fur falls out just because that’s what I do. Remember your stone – as soon as you wake up, you say good morning, got it?

I hate this so much. I hate leaving. IF you were awake I don’t think I’d have the courage.

You keep that stone on you no matter what – I can always find you then, and I can be back tonight and every night.. if I can figure out what night is. We’ll sort it. Better idea – you tell me when you’re winding down each day, and I’ll get to you in a few minutes. No bad dreams alone, got me?  I won’t be gone longer than I have to be. We can talk tonight when you call me home.

Ye Hua


A request sent from Essalena to the Templar’s Westguard administrative corps –

To Master Sgt. Gerald Wintersong, Templars Auxiliaries – 

Once again I am requesting some small iota of notification regarding the disposition of Knight-Captain Etseyona Feralsong – this is the fourth such request in the last nine days, and I admit that there’s a great amount of personal frustration as to your continued attempts to get me to go away.   Being rather blunt, it’s neither endearing or useful to be granted the sort of runaround you’re intent on giving me – do you honestly expect me to believe, for even the smallest of seconds, that an organization like yours would not know at least the location and current orders of one of its most notorious members?

You can likely only imagine the depths of my surprise at your insistence regarding your own mediocrity and inability to manage simple dispatches and paperwork.  

If you wish continued receipt of your personal additions to the supplies my organization is generously donating in a time of worldwide strife – and at considerable expense – you can answer a simple query rather than evading it with patent nonsense.

If you continue to refuse to address my request, I will be forced to interrupt your chain of command more directly – and I don’t think either one of us cares for that potential outcome.  Rest assured that your petty, bureaucratic interference will not prevent me from finding my friend; I once promised to literally erase part of Boralus from existence on her behalf.  Imagine what I could do the last vestiges of your career, once I’ve finished destroying the majority of it!12

Yes, this is a threat. Yes, I know you’re spluttering – but, frankly, when formal requests, bribery, and appealing to your good nature fail, I am forced to take more drastic measures.

Before you waste the ink, no I truly do not care if you report this to your Justicar.  Why – I hope you do!  Perhaps then I will get a meeting so that she might harangue me in person, and you’ll have admitted to your indulgence in those interesting imports from Booty Bay.  Why – perhaps you should even show her this letter, don’t you think?

Now that we’ve cut past all of that nonsense, do let me make things plain.  I want to know where Feralsong is.  Now.  Perhaps yesterday, if your haste will cause you to invent the means to bend time.  I do not care for dissembling and being set aside.

Your attention in this matter is deeply appreciated.

Essalena Moorland, Ravenwing Trading Company, Ltd.


A notice posted with the Brokers in Oribos:


Gold provided for information leading to the recovery of members of the League of Jackals within the Shadowlands following attacks by winged mawsworn.  See Ba’tari near the Great Vault for details.



A letter to the Temple of a Thousand Steps, written in flowing Pandaren –

Masters Cho and Skysong – 

Our search continues.  I would have perhaps wished for a better Journey for my student than this one, but I cannot say that it is not without its opportunities and trials.  Tell the others to maintain hope; we have had several hints to a trail, and will continue to follow where it leads.

Letters will reach us if sent through the Dalaran mail services – apparently not even a separate dimension will stay their couriers.  I admit to being very impressed.

Advice you can give on matters of students being rather unimpressed with threats against their person while pursuing an ill-advised romance would be appreciated.  I am somewhat out of my depth.



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