They didn’t doubt her devotion to the Light or her fervour, no. She was not a fighter, no armor wielding paladin for sure, and that had raised some concern. She was instructed in some martial arts, but her focus remained on the Light and channelling it for the good work of her people. She tried, as hard as she could, to prove herself worthy. There was so much suffering, she told them. Look what the Exodar had done to the planet they had landed on. I can help, really!

When the Legion arrived…

They had been so scared.

So many of them, terrified, especially the young. The Legion was a vague, frightening memory for the youngest of them, orcs had always been the stuff of real life horror. The Legion was the bogeyman, feeding the Horde, chasing them, ever nipping at their heels. When she first heard whispers of them, when the shining beacon of the Vindicaar had blazed overhead, she felt her fear fade a little and she willing to the steps to enter the ranks of the chosen.

Throughout the demonic invasions she tried so hard. She thought this was right. She felt a thrill as the tide turned and the alliances of Azeroth pushed Sargares back. And when the great betrayer had finally fallen, she was made ready.

And hid the doubts in her heart.

Lulyeta stirred herself from her doubts once more, and clasped the pack of books and papers to her chest as she once more trod hooves within the Exodar. Her trials were over. She had emerged reborn, shocked and yet awakened and with so many more questions then before. Her research project had been approved, and they had been very serious about it, but she had to know.

If there was Light, there must also be Shadow…

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