To “The leadership of the Templars:”, left as a folded single sheet, meticulously written, among the day’s dispatches:

To the leadership of the Templars:

I am hopeful that this finds you with only good news, though I really don’t think that’s possible when the world outside your tent is covered in demons.  Uncle once told me that “good leaders know how heavy a brush can be”, and I have come to realize that, as usual, he was offering a tidbit of wisdom that I completely missed until.  Well.  This.

Regardless, I wished to thank you for your healers, and for your hospitality – I had no wish to impose, and I know we agreed that Kun and I would be present without consuming your resources, but.. Cael insisted, and I find it difficult to say no when she is insistent, given how rare a thing that actually is.  I have not the coin to offer recompense, but I have reinforced the wards on the camp tents, and done my best to shore up the enchantments that keep the camp unnoticed.  Thank you, so very much.

The Tirisgarde has asked for my assistance in finding a missing fire mage – I should return soon.  When I do, I would like to address the possibility that I can be of some small service to the Templars; I have no pretensions that I am strong enough to be a Templar myself, but I would very much like to help.  

I have many debts to both the templars as a whole, Captain Blackwald, and Cael – you have saved my Temple, and my life, and given both I and my sister a sanctuary where we can be of use in the midst of this terrible war.  I ask you for the opportunity to repay them.

My thanks, in so many ways – 

Aiya-cho Nightpetal

To Cael:

My dearest knight – 

I have to go, for a time – I’m sorry, but you were asleep and I did not wish to wake you. You’re sort of impossibly cute when you’re sleeping, and the world needs more cute. The Tirisgarde has asked for my help, and I cannot say no; one of the Kirin Tor archmages has gone missing.  

As per usual, it comes with toying with fel.  It always seems to be that kind of thing.  Someone wants ‘more power’, without knowing why, and then bad things happen.  I’m not entirely sure of the details.  So far it’s something about a succubus and a deal and – well.  It doesn’t matter.

I should be no more than a few days.  Don’t forget the amulet if you need me – I know that our speaking-stones are long broken, but the amulet will still call me if you break it, and I will come – no matter where or when I am.  

There’s a new rune on your cloak; it should fix the bit where it was leaking when the fel-rain came.  Don’t forget to keep your hood up; I know you hate covering your ears, but that’s the only way to keep it out of your fur.

I’m … not at all sorry I can’t help clean up the tent.  I think it’s /perfect/.  Plus, I know you secretly love pink.  And flowers.  When I get back, we’ll figure out how to get -her- back.  Uncle told us we could never use fur remover, though, so keep that in mind.

See you soon.

With love – 

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  • cael
    November 19, 2017 at 10:46 pm
  • cael
    November 19, 2017 at 10:46 pm
    Also this is too cute for woRDS WHAT EVEN /sobs Their love is so pure
  • wallaroo
    November 20, 2017 at 12:03 pm
    eeeeeeeeeeeeee Kun takes full and total credit for all their feels. Because she is the best sister. And you will never ever get her back nope never.

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