There is a certain joy in magic.


Nightpetal allowed her chi to flow through her, smiling at the ripple through her fur that stood it on end, the electric infinite possibilities settling into every muscle and behind her eyes.  She felt each second in the infinity of possible seconds, solidifying into reality around her.  Moments becoming actual.


She focused – selecting one possibility, resting her paws on the amulet in her lap, with its stylized wolf and tree – letting her fingers trace over the pandaren characters so carefully etched into the surface.  She let the magic from inside seep out, let it roll slowly into the silver, feeling as it found her way into her intent, letting it sing. 


"Come wind, remember – 
Hear my heart's name, and learn –
Draw me close, at need – "


She felt rather than saw the poem, poor as it was, resonate with her will.  She felt the silver sing.  Carefully, she turned the amulet over, tracing the scoring along the back, the star pattern and the tiny gem chips embedded in the base metal. 


"The stars turn.
The day comes.
Where hope lies thin – may you always show the way."  


A flare of purple,  the smell of ozone-  and the amulet drew in the light, shining bright as the moon for a moment.  Then?  Just silver, there in her lap.

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