What the hell. Open your eyes. Maybe there are other truths.

That wasn’t right. That wasn’t, couldn’t be *truth*. How could he do this?!

She stormed through the forests south of Boralus, eyes filled with hot tears, fists clenched, leaving a trail of soot and ash behind her. Balegrim had…had said such bullshit! He was a firelord! A master of the elements! He knew twice as much as Da ever did and yet *he* was saying that….

She had hoped for reassurance. She wanted to make sure she had valid doubts, sure, but Mosur couldn’t have been right. She wanted to gain some wisdom and learn something about her own kind and her own way of doing things that wasn’t total bullshit, and he hadn’t helped at all! She wanted him to tell her it was fine, maybe that Mosur…that he…because it…. rationality tried to budge it’s way in, and she quickly dismissed the creeping thought. The doubt that had plagued her before. No. NO. It couldn’t be, because if this was, then everything was.

And that just couldn’t be right.

Nynkasi had to stop and catch her breath, the rage cooling and the chill air of the Sound’s mountains catching up with her. She stopped, kneeled, ran her fingers through the damn, cold earth. How could Grim agree with him,  her own father, and then spin around and shrug off the same belief. Could Mosur possibly be right? He couldn’t, no, but. But. She wiped the tears from her face, trying not to sniffle. Damn, damn elementals. What did she believe? She believed…believed…

Leaving the mountain had been a mistake. Even to escape her mother, to escape the closeted, hot, nasty cliques that still existed in the Forge. Everything was wet and wild and chaotic and terrible.

Isn’t that also the elements? Isn’t that the way of us? Fire and Water. Earth and Sky. We know there is a balance to all things, and order to none.

She looked up, eyes narrowing. Well. She’d show *both* of them. She’d prove she could summon, and answer for herself what these elementals were up to. Yes, so far she hadn’t mastered the art, maybe a few little pebble elementals so far. Father hadn’t been able to beat the skill into her and Grim had taken a more wait and see approach, but they both approved of her force of will. She *could* do it. She was focused, angry. And she’d show Mosur too. Maybe he was right. Maybe elementals had a voice. But that didn’t mean they were anything other then things. Maybe the truth was between Grim and Mosur and she’d prove it.

She dusted herself off and began to run again, looking for the right spot. Here was the only spot where she could feel hints of the earth’s heat in these godsforsaken islands. Here she’d prove them wrong. 

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