The air was filled with smoke. Hot. Hotter then the forge, hotter then she could stand. Which was strange, being Dark Iron…

The lava pools in the heart of the city, shadows, thick, hot smoke. Shouting. Silhouettes gesturing. 

The ground was cracked and broken. Smouldering in places. She stumbled, lips cracked, hair limp and strangling. No water. No food. Nothing but…his gift, his offer. Nothing but a heart.

She just see a sudden movement as the silhouettes became more frantic. Too young to understand, too sleepy to know. She thought it was a pantomine. There was a giggle…then a long scream. 

It smelt good, after a while. Like cooked meat. Had there been any moisture left in her mouth she would have been licking her lips. Food. Moist, rich. It was all she could think about, and that lingering question, buried deep, kept whispering. What if.

Now there was only one figure on the edge of the lava. One with long, swinging braids. Looking out over something. She felt funny and crept back from the window. Something felt very bad. A awful feeling in her tummy, followed by waves of…

…so *good*. The feeling. It was like a rich, deep warmth, easing the pain of her burnt feet, filling her with life and power. Such power. The way home beckoned, and it was so so easy to step through. It was only after, as the power slipped away, when the pain crashed back with waves of…

…anger and shame and guilt and fear. She curled up on the bad. So many bad memories. Such an awful thing had happened but she didn’t feel bad at all. She felt all twisted up. And then she felt even worse. Mama and Da had been making much more angry noises and now everything…

Was awful.

She woke up with a start and a deep sweat. It wouldn’t be the last time that night. Nynkasi fought back the urge to wave away clouds of soot and smoke, and leaned her hands against the edge of the bed. More nightmares, more shame, more anger. What the hell was happening to her. WHY had she been so stupid! Fists clenched, flinching when the pain from her cut hand drove the point home. Oh, why had she been this dumb. 

SHe didn’t want it. She would turn him down, again and again. She’d make sure there was no debt to pay but…

Zaanthe. Grim. Her brother, soon. Mosur. 

She rested her head in her hands. She was in so much trouble. That draenei was…something else. He’d dragged her ass back and judged her the whole but gods she was surprised at how much she was worried what he thought. And Mosur…more shame. Gods. He’d been right about them.

She swung out of the bed and grabbed her cloak. She had to find them. Mosur,anyways. And try to explain something. Anything. 

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  • Ari
    October 24, 2018 at 10:48 pm
    Talking to @mosur about the gods, huh? Well, he'll have a thing (or a hundred) to say. ;)

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