Nyn stomped around her camp, swearing quietly as she gathered together materials to fill the forge pit. Godsdamn that over glorified ember. Oh here’s something important you might like! Oh sure, take it and just fucking nod and leave. Ass.

She glared at the logs until they burst into flame. It was getting too damn cold up here, this place with it’s blasted snow and rain and sea stink. But the mountainside was just too perfect, so close to all four of the great elements…the flames rose higher, and Nyn settled in front of the forge to let the warmth wash over her. Godsdamn that blasted elemental.

The rage that was always simmering had bubbled up again. So many of these Templars and soldiers and the Alliance, washed away into some deep sea pit. Old gods whispering so loud they may as well just bloody prance about. She was making her own plans to serve, of course, but gods knew when Fenix might rear his ugly head. And that caused older, uglier thoughts to surface as she pulled the furs about her. Well, could she blame him? She’d gotten herself into this mess… and, damn him, just when she thought he was worth something he acts so high and mighty…but at the same time…

Nyn took a pull of a flask, something smoking swirling out of it. Just let her pay this damn debt. Or…what, she didn’t know, when could she feel free of it? When would those little whispers of shame and anger leave her be? The spark grew a little. See, that was it. She was twisting herself into knots over this and he just didn’t even seem to care sometimes. As much as she owed him, if it had meant so much at the first, if he was so angry at her trying to enslave him, why did he just act so dismissive?

A poke and another glare and the fire flamed high, casting sparks against the high stars. She’d have words for him next time. She was damn well going to prove that this meant something to her and she was *genuine*, and he was damn well…he’d better fucking give her some more information….

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