Etsiyona Bearwalker.  Ellinde Feralsong.  Who or what was she?  She honestly wasn’t sure she knew anymore.  Too many things pulling her too many ways.  Leaving Moonglade had been the right thing to do when she was younger.  Trying to integrate among people wasn’t.  


They didn’t understand.  Would never understand.  You sacrificed yourself for your packmates.  You put your packmates’ wants and needs above your own.  if you hurt or were scared you ran to your pack, not away from it because they would protect you.


An inelegant grunt escaped her lips. At least Ace and she agreed on that one.  A fresh pain lanced her heart at the thought of her best friend or who she’d thought was her best friend.  Too much.


She stared at the communication stone given to her when she agreed to join the Templars at Ace’s request.  She’d tried to fit in.  She’d thought she could.  She should’ve known better.


If she was honest with herself, it didn’t bother her that much to leave.  There were so few Templars she considered more than an acquaintance or someone she was assigned to protect.  The Justicar she’d miss.  The Justicar was a strong alpha and understood what it meant to lead.  The Marksman she’d miss.  Others didn’t like him because he was like her in a way – he told things as he saw them and didn’t shrink from doing what needed to be done even if it meant ruffling the feathers of the others.  Emberstone she’d miss.  Another strong alpha who understood the sacrifice needed by leaders and the fortitude to do what needed to be done.  She’d even miss the Stoner. Crazy, terrible druid that he was, he was dependable.


Aunne and Blackwald didn’t count. They were her pack and could find her.  Those two she would come to help no matter what happened or what the risk.


Ace ….


The rends in her heart widened further.  Despite the pain he caused her, despite her protests, she would always go to him if he needed her.  She would never, could never allow him to fall to any harm.


Closing her clawed hand around the stone, she grabbed the accompanying note and took to the skies towards Ironforge.

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