…so you see, Mina has a girlfriend. …no, the other girlfriend. Unaara. She is a lovely draenei shaman, very sweet, very regal.

She is also prone to…stress baking. And needless to say, the whole DEMONS on ARGUS thing is very stressful to her and she baked many, many cookies.

So many.

Mina tried to eat them all, but even her infamous appetite for sweets could only go so far. Petal did her best to help but….so many cookies.

They also wanted to decide which variety was THE BEST and drew up an entire scoring rubric, but it’s hard to come up with a TRUE, DEFINITIVE answer with only two people (and so many cookies).

So what else could they do but open up a portal to camp and shove cookies through it? Complete with the guide to scoring, of course. And a couple of pencils (not not many, as Mina did not have many).

No, it did not occur to them that they could bring the cookies to the camp in any sort of normal way. Not for more than a hot second, anyway.

Ambrosine yelped when a cookie landed on her head. I mean, wouldn’t you? She snatched it before it hit the ground and just stared at it a minute.


When a second and third fell around her, she just…shook her head.

And ate the cookie. It was a peanut butter cookie, though, and she made a face. “There is no chocolate in this and that is WRONG.”

A scoring rubric drifted down to the ground in front of her.

“…okay, somehow this just got weirder.” This did not, however, stop her from lodging her complaint. THEY SHOULD ALWAYS BE PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE CHIP.

A chocolate chip cookie fell in front of Justice. He ate it out of reflex, and because if he got it, then Valiant couldn’t have it.

He would score it 10/10, if he understood such things.

He also ate the scoring rubrik. 3/10.

At least half a dozen cookies fell on Ari’s head, and another on Kory’s. Almost as if they had been specifically targeted.

Not that this would be the case, no.


Not even a little bit.

And if Cael ended up with a dozen cookies in her lap, well?

She got the chocolate chip peanut butter, for the record. And maybe also four chocolate chip cookies because by this point Mina was less about carefully selecting a variety and more about just shoving cookies into the portal. And who had ever complained about getting more chocolate chip cookies? No one.


…it would be a very strange day back in camp, for these folks and others.

But Mina threw her arms open wide. “Look! I can see my counters again!”

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