There were times Etsi wished she could do more magic than with plants. Like now when every step she took threatened to rattle the buckets of paint she and Kun-yi carried.  The Pandaren and her could walk for miles without making a sound, without rustling a single blade of grass out of place, without catching the notice of even the most alert pray. The paint buckets, however, didn’t have such skills.  Fortunately, the cart she pulled had its axle greased within an inch of its life (so to speak) so at least it didn’t clatter or clank like the buckets wanted to do.

Fangs gleamed in the night as her lips lifted in an amused, but still feral, smile when her thoughts wandered to the antics to come. By the morning, Blackwald would have the prettiest ship on Azeroth.

The morning shone down on the frigate moored on the dock.  As the rays of light touched the hull, breathtaking colors reflected back, cast from the rainbows and flowers painted all along the Raven’s Revenge.  Ever changing, the vibrant hues practically danced along the wood, casting brilliant sparkles back at the water as it lapped along the lower edge of the hull.  The most magnificent piece of work, however, jutted proudly from the tallest spar in the center of the deck. A proud raven, symbol of the Captain’s family, flared gallantly from the mainsail, its fluorescent pink glittery hue gleaming gloriously in the rising light.  When the sail moved with the breeze, the pink raven appeared to soar above the flowers climbing the masts and covering the deck, their vigorous. multicolored petals constantly converting from one tone to another but never loosing their sparkle and shine.

She was, indeed, now the most beautiful ship on Azeroth.

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