This occurs some time in the past weeks before Ace is found:

Dry leaves blew on a cold wind into the mouth of the cave.  The worgen inside whined and thrashed in her sleep, the sounds echoing off the still walls.

Etsi ran, paws flying over grass, rocks, and sand.  That elusive scent she had to find, she needed to find faded more with each frantic step.  Where are you? Her normal strong voice was reduced to a pitiful mockery of itself.  Please.  Tell me how to find you.

A shadow paced alongside her, one that ran on two feet rather than four paws.  You won�t find him.  You�re useless. 

She tried to ignore the voice, ignore the ever present doubt, ignore the figure running with her.  Miles disappeared beneath her paws, her pace more frenzied as the scent slowly dissipated to nothingness.  She stopped, pressing her muzzle to the ground, desperate to find it again.

You�re pathetic.  Too caught up in what you should or shouldn�t do.  The shadow�s voice grew stronger as her own weakened.  Useless.  Weak.  Nothing but a contemptable animal without the will to do what needs to be done, what must be done.

A soft whine followed by a shake of her head.  No!  I will find him!

The shadow loomed over her, white eyes glowing within the darkened face.  You don�t care enough for him.  You don�t deserve to find him.

The wolf cringed beneath the shadow.  Please.  I need him.

Luminescent eyes blazed down at her.  I�m not weak like you.  I will find him.  I will obliterate everything in our path that keeps him from us.  I will raze the ground on which they walk.  I will instill so much terror in them they will never take him again.  I will do anything to bring him home to us.

Another soft whine, indecisive, unsure.  The Kal’dorei won�t forgive us.  They�ll hunt us down for what you�ll do.  They�ll throw us in the Emerald Prison with the others, never to taste the wind, never to run free.

Shadows coalesced, taking a familiar shape.  Fierce silver eyes seared her soul.  We�ll have him back. 

We won�t have him back!  We won�t see him again.  We�ll be trapped.  The wolf cringed at the ferocity, the animosity raging in the searing gaze directed at her.

Fangs glistened and long ears cast shadows in the glow of the moonlight as the lips parted into a furious snarl.  They can try. 

The wolf stepped back, cowering further.  Despair colored her voice as she relinquished control.  Bring him back. 

Lips curved from a snarl into a smile, the shadow solidifying into an elven frame.  They will regret taking him from us.  A savage light burned white hot in the elf�s eyes as the wolf was absorbed into her.

Clawed fingers flexed as the druid woke.  The glow of her eyes lit the walls of the cave as she looked down at the strong, nimble body available for her use.  A low, pleased growl rumbled in the silence.  �Now, I can bring you home.�  Lifting her head in a victorious howling scream, the druid burst from the cave, death traveling in her wake.

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