Wei nudged the door open quietly, carrying a tray. She peeked inside, still dozy eyed, still slightly floury, but better rested then she had been. She had to be. There was so much to do…so much the others did, so much that they *needed*. That everyone did. She saw Kory, leaning against a wall, eyeballing the bed with a worried expression. A glance her way saw a look of relief. Wei smiled, and sighed, and placed the tray down, glancing at the still, curled figure of Cael on the bed. 

“It is bad.” 

“Yeah. Thanks for coming. How’re you doing?” Kory grimaced faintly, and then relaxed as Wei enveloped her in a hug. Her knees almost sagged. “..that helps.”

“Justicar will need you. I will watch.” Her accent was still rich, and a faint, sad smile crossed her face. “I am…fine, but. I know what this is like.”

“Augh. You…Yeah. That…” Kory’s expression twisted, and she sighed, and with reluctance left the embrace. “Yeah. All three of us know what it’s like… I’ll go to Ari. Keep me posted, kay?”

Wei paused, sighing, and nodded. “Yes. It is so.” She lightly bonked Kory, forehead to forehead. Saw the smile, felt the return embrace, the faint cling of comfort. “Go. I am fine. Work is good for the soul, food better. There is much food outside, much tea and beer for working.”

“Right. Right. Good.” Kory sighed, squeezed her arm, and headed for the door. “Thanks, Wei.”

Wei managed another smile, a wave. Watched the warrior stomp out the door. She glanced back to Cael, still, unmoving. Pain, she thought. She gently moved a chair a little closer to the bed, saying nothing. Wounded animals did not need words. She began moving the items on the tray, placing a soft, bright green sprout of bamboo beside the bed, growing from a little earthen bowl filled with rich earth and stones. A shallow bowl, with a light broth. Some plain biscuits. A mug of tea. Simple things. 

Wei sat back in her chair, glancing briefly at the worgen, and adjusted the bamboo shoot so the leaves could stir in what breezes blew in through the barracks window. Another sigh, and she took out to small, delicately etched iron balls, rolling them in her paw. Quiet little chimes filled the space between them, meditative, as Wei sat and half closed in her eyes and thought.

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