�This is an interesting predicament.�

Bixink rose from the patch of ground upon which she�d been laying unconscious. �Must have been some party.�  She placed her hands on her bare hips and perused her naked body.  �I don�t even remember going so it must�ve been really good.�  Her gaze traveled from her nudity to the area around her.  �The Plaguelands?  How in the High Tinker�s name did I get to the Plaguelands?�  

Shrugging, as if being overly exposed in an area crawling with the undead was no big deal, she began patting her body down as she would if she�d been wearing clothes.  �Fuzzynuts!  I don�t have any of my tools either.�  The lack of said devices obviously upset her more than her newborn appearance.  Tapping her foot impatiently, she thought for a moment, then snapped her fingers.  �I�ll bet there�s bunches of old stuff lying around in some of the abandoned human towns here.�  A small frown creased her brow.  �Then again, human crafted materials aren�t much better than nothing.  Still,� she perked back up, �a little better than nothing is better than absolutely nothing.  So long as they haven�t rusted to bits.�  Satisfied with her decision, her eyes fell on her bare body parts again.  �Hmm.  This is a bit inconvenient.  I probably should do something about this first.�  

A few minutes later her tiny hands plucked long blades of grass.  �I could use some help with this.�  She stopped and grinned before grabbing a nearby stick to begin etching intricate runes into the ground around her.  Dropping the stick when she finished, she closed her eyes and concentrated, murmuring an incantation in an almost forgotten tongue.  The runes around her lit with fel fire before a large doomguard manifested in front of her.  

�Yes, my mistress?�  His hideous voice curled some of the blades of grass she held.  �Why have you summoned me?  Are we to-�  The demon stopped and stared at her, blinking stupidly.  �You are unclothed.�

�Yes.  Yes, I am.  That�s why you�re here.�

More than a little perplexed, the doomguard simply nodded.  �Am I to lay waste to your enemies for you then, mistress?  Wreak doom upon those who dared place their hands upon you?�

Bixink shook her head and waved her hands in front of her.  �No, no, nothing like that.  I need you to help me gather materials to make some temporary garments.�

�You ��  The demon looked at her aghast.  �I am Azrethec!  Smasher of foes!  The scourge of the Nether!  The slayer of-�

The gnome waved her hand in between the two of them again, motioning him to silence.  �Yes, yes, I know all of this since you�ve told me on countless occasions.  However, what I need for you to do is gather these for me so I can weave them together.�  She held up the hand that held the now curled stalks.  �At least this big or bigger if you can find them.�  Waving her hand in dismissal, she began weaving the blades she�d already collected.  �Now shoo.  Go on and get me what I need.�

Flabbergasted, Azrethec stomped off in the direction she indicated, asking the powers of the nether why he�d been selected to serve such an irrational, miniscule creature.

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