She sat near the fireplace of the study room, deep within the cathedral. Safe, she had been told, blessed. This, thought Ygraine, was good, yes? Aunne had said so. 

Very safe, kuru’nai. They are good here, yes? 

Ygraine smiled,  a giggle as she cupped her hands in the flame’s light. A childlike sound from the young woman. Embers began to glow within the cusp of her hand. The look on Aunne’s face as she had spoken to the priests and priestesses, and a shiver that made the little light in her hand tremble at the memory. Cold, she suddenly felt. Murmurs she remembered. 

You will watch her, yes? This one’s mind is…delicate. The evil must not touch her. If it does, I will know. I will seek and find you. 

The embers began to twist into the shape of petals, leaves. Ygraine sighed and concentrated. Oh! But this was getting easier. This place felt nice, familiar, like the days with the red monks, even though she didn’t quite understand why Aunne was so worried. Her smile grew as the flower did in her palm. She wasn’t as cold now, so Aunne must be happy. She didn’t like being cold. It made her worried, because that meant Aunne was…

Aunne was…

She tried as hard as she could to keep the bright ribbons of light blooming. The fire flower in her hands trembled. Aunne was cold. Aunne was…death… but…

A spark of light at the centre of the flower, and the petals flared into greater light. Ygraine laughed brightly. Cold but light and good. 

Aunne was love. 

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