Well, this was going to be a party and that was good, right? So many people were…thronging, that was the words, running amok through the streets of Dalaran, celebrating the big bright shiny star thing that had appeared. She assumed that was a good thing. Most of the other mages had left to go celebrate, but Ygraine still walked the halls, thoughtful still in her odd way.

The priests that minded her said she wasn’t allowed to go outside right now. She went out earlier and then some things had gotten blown up and the head priest got a very tired look on his face, but he was very kind and patted her hand and let her go have a lie down. He said he would have to write Mama and that her a little worried. She promised she wasn’t going to do the blowy up thing in public again…

Then she brightened and scrambled up a bit, peering out of one of the windows. Oooh! This meant Mama would be back soon. Probably even smiling! Ygraine clapped her hands and giggled, peering up and down the street outside. And with more funny looking demon heads for her to look at AND use target practice. That was always the best part. Mama found the most interesting demon bits for her to play with. Ygraine giggled again, causing sparks to fly from her fingertips. Ooooh. And this time she could freeze them too! Mama would like knowing that. Mama was cold so she could do stuff like Mama did.

Ygraine scrambled down again and danced towards the doors. She wasn’t allowed out but she’d have just a peek. Just one. She paused, peering through a crack in the door. Rubbed her forehead as more lucid throughts creeped through.

Mama would be ok, right?

Mama had seemed a little strange. Sad sometimes. Sometimes when Mama was away Ygraine had felt chilled, in ways she hadn’t been before. So cold she couldn’t get warm and the priests got worried and had kept her bundled up in front of the big fire for days. But…Mama was still… there. Ygraine could *feel* that. So she didn’t mind being a little cold sometimes. Besides, when she was cold, she could make the prettiest patterns on the stone.

She continued to peer, watching and waiting. Oh, there’d be so much to tell!

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