It was working! The plan was working! The Light-infused weapons were doing their job, and the army was cutting through the heart of the Burning Legion's last lines of defense like butter. The tactical advantage gained by swapping bodies with a top draenei engineer was clear. It had been the best idea since the computer-simulation roleplaying game the Templars had adapted to simulate, refine and execute their strategies.


And yet, even as the strike team cut through to Sargeras' last stronghold, something felt wrong. A pull, a tug from behind. She turned only just in time to see a wormhole yawning open behind her, ready to suck her in. "Dammit, Sarrgerras!" she yelled out, grabbing onto nearby objects but beginning to lose her footing. This draenei's tongue wasn't used to Common and felt awkward speaking it. Sargeras must have spotted her and figured out the plan. Too late for him, but she may not get to see the spoils of victory.


Clinging to a broken chunk of fel reaver, she felt it begin to budge. If even this thing was going to get sucked through, there wasn't much that could hold her here…and she had a feeling the wormhole would close as soon as she was pulled through. No idea where it would lead, or if it would kill her. She steeled herself, mentally apologizing to the draenei who now wouldn't be able to swap back, and let go.




The fall hadn't been far, but she'd landed on her back, knocking the wind from her lungs. Her rear was sore, having never landed on that awkward tail before. The world was a blur around her, but steadying herself, she slowly climbed to her feet — no, hooves, definitely hooves — and took a look around.


It looked alien, yet familiar. Only vaguely familiar. She'd been here a long time ago. Not the draenei, but the engineer inhabiting her. A stone courtyard, a circular fountain, picturesque trees, the white standards with a gold cross… And not far away, another draenei making her way to a building. The two nodded a greeting to each other, and the engineer recognized the other draenei…what was her name? Ah, Kopaali! That was it. Now what was the rest of all this? Where was she? When was she? Back in time? Forward in time? Another universe entirely? Maybe even another multiverse!


"Luukuut, yuu'rre ukay!" The little crab skittered about her ankles, tapping on her hooves, having been through worse in his time.


"Ukay, zuught buxes. Vat du yuu khave furr me?" Zen rolled out a crick in her shoulder, ready to get to work busting down every fourth wall she could find.

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