The Aria of Stars begins on 9/6/22!

So.. what does that mean for you? Well – I’m glad you’re curious.

The Aria of Stars is LITD Campaign 2 (kicking off a bit early alongside the end of LITD 1) and will be a Westmarches-with-a-story campaign set in the Reach, a land newly settled by the Holy Dragon Empire. Adventure awaits around every corner – as does tremendous danger… and tremendous opportunity.

In a westmarches game you, as the players, will direct your explorations and work together to discover the players, dangers, troubles, and story of the Reach. You will decide where to go, when you’re going, and who you’re going with – and it should be emphasized that survival is not assured. It’s perfectly possible to bite off more than you can chew – and to venture somewhere you probably shouldn’t be.

In this time of opportunity, as myths take shape and come to life and ancient prophecies await your discovery, what mark will you make on the Reach?

The Dragons Will Rise.

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