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The Repentant

The Repentant Symbol

“We were led astray by Kil’Jaeden, but we saw the path he led us on and still we followed. There are no excuses. It took many years to stop blaming our actions on anyone and take accountability for our own actions. We have come to terms with our wrongs and have paid for them. We have been freed of our mortal sins.”
                   — Nadana, Prime Censor of The Repentant

The Repentant are an order of eredar who were not doomed to the Maw by the Arbiter, currently led by Prime Censor Nadana. Members are primarily recruited in Revendreth, having been sent there to atone for their sins. Many remain there, joining the Venthyr, and recruit fellow remorseful eredar to the order.

The Repentant can be found across the Shadowlands, their mutual reason for being here ties the order together across the realms and covenants. With Nadana leading The Repentant in Revendreth individuals who have distinguished themselves led those that choose to keep their affiliation with the group in other realms. These lieutenants are known as the High Fervents. Those who have come to terms with their actions and atone for their mortal sins are known as Censors. Those who have yet to be given amnesty for their actions in life are known as the Penitent.

Titles and Title Holders

Prime Censor. Nadana
High Fervent. Duurm (Maldraxxus), Kadame (Bastion), Nemalu (Ardenweald)
Censor. Padaar, Akkaram, Darsi, Allur, Kovur, Aslis, (and many more)
Penitent. Maahal, Ambur, Kedaar, Shoran, (and many more)


Prime Censor Nadana

When Nadana was shown the error of her ways and absolved of her prior life’s actions, she felt as though a heavy burden had been removed from her. She desired to share this same relief with other members of her kin that had been led astray and to free them from their own burdens. To do so, she joined the Venthyr and took a particular interest in any eredar the Arbiter sent to Revendreth. Nadana chose to lead and guide those she redeemed, seeing this too as part of her atonement. Her fellow eredar named her the Prime Censor for her desire to better aid her formerly misguided people.

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