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Templars of the Rose are currently Neutral with The Repentant
18% Reputation with The Repentant
    Repentant Quartermaster
1 Reroll Boon
At an RP event after you roll can choose to roll again. Take the highest roll of the two.
1 Initiative Boon
First initiative on all combat for one event.
1 Covenant Ability Boon
Gain the ability for your character to ICly to use a covenant ability once during a chosen event. Does not have to be your OOC covenant.
1 Heroic Boon
Have one heroic moment for your character during a fight or event. (Discuss with DM prior)
2 Fortitude Potion
A Max Health Buff of 4 for one full event
2 Healing Splash Potion
Can be used once during any event to heal 1d5 to all players within 10yd radius (Druid Circle or Shaman Healing Rain)
2 DMed Mini-Event
Request a DMed event for you and a party of Templars related to the RP Plot. Planned and provided for by the RP Council
2 Max Roll Boon
At an RP event instead of rolling on your turn you can instead choose to take max that turn. (3 uses)
5 Discord Rank
Receive a special rank in Discord
Mark of the Four is the currency accepted by this Quartermaster. Marks are recieved from writing journals with the tag #RepentantQuests.
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